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Autumn Term 2 - Heroes

Week 6

We have had a glorious week in the forest. We have explored every past of the forest had so much fun!

Day 3


We found Stick Man! We all went to find our favorite stick and we discovered Stick Man hiding in the forest. We looked after him and made him a home. He had a BBQ, a bed and and a fire. He was very well looked after by us all. He became a very good friend! 

Day 2

We made fabulous shape monsters! We made either a rectangle, square or triangle body with sticks and the decorated it with bits from around the forest. 


We came back and warmed with with a fabulous Christmas Dinner in a takeaway tray. It was delicious. We loved wearing our party hats, listening to Christmas music and pulling crackers!

Day 1

We loved our number hunt! We found so many numbers hidden in the forest! We managed to work out which numbers they were and put them in the right order. 

We found the forest in a little bit of a mess, so we picked up lots of logs and saw some pipe cleaners left from a previous class. So in the afternoon, we made bird feeders with them. We very carefully threaded cherrios onto a pipe cleaner and left them in the trees for the bird to enjoy. 

Week 5

We have had a great week recognising numbers! We learnt lots of new facts about Paramedics and enjoyed having lots of pretend accidents where we needed to ring 999 and call for an ambulance. 

We had a great time at our party! It was so great to be at a party again... it has been so long for us all! We enjoyed lots of dancing, musical chairs, pass the parcel and our party food! There were lots of smiles and the afternoon was filled with laughter and fun! 

Thank you everyone! 


Miss Hill 

Week 4

We have had a very busy week! Shape monsters, fire fighting, and fabulous Golden Writing to name a few! 

In maths, we have been looking at 2D shapes and talked about their names, sides and corers and compared! We made shape monsters with the 2D shapes we learnt. 

We were very lucky and got to chat to a real fire fighter. We had  Google Meet with Firefighter Hill. It was so special to be able to chat with my Dad as he shared stories about being a firefighter. The Caterpillars were able to ask questions and see what life is like being on a fire engine. 
The children have worked for hard to create their own fire engine to sit in. They worked together to make ladders, hoses, windows, lights and a steering wheel! They are really enjoying driving around to different 999 emergencies. 

In our Golden Writing books, the Caterpillars have been learning how to use our Fred Fingers when writing. We have described a fire engine and drawn beautiful pictures! #

Thank you for a fabulous week.


Miss Hill

Week 3

As our theme of Heroes continues, we move on from our heroes of the war and this week have looked at heroes a bit closer to home. The children received a mystery box, opened it up and talked about what was inside. There were lots of different items which would help you with a job. The children decided the job was a firefighter! 

The box contained a helmet, fireproof coat, boots, trousers and a hose. 

The children have played some fabulously imaginative role play games and many areas of the classroom have been ablaze this week and 999 have received lots of calls from the Caterpillars. 


In Maths, we have been looking at lots of different ways to represent the numbers 1,2&3.  We have passed round a feely bag and guess how many items are inside, placed 3 ponies into 2 fields and found lots of different combinations and played a fun game of bunny ears with 1,2,&3 ears. 


It has been fab to have playdough back! Every child has their own pot and they have been great and remembering to wash their hands at the right time and following all of the playdough routines! It was such a joy to see their faces when we revealed the playdough table. 

It's been a great week. 

Thank you for all of your support at home and for everything  you to do to help your children be the best the can be, they're fab :) 


Miss Hill 

Week 2

It has been really great to have a full week back at school and it really has been a busy one. We have had 2 big events in the calendar - Rememberance Day and Children in Need! 

To mark Rememeberance Day, we watched a beautiful Poppy animation from Cbeebies and discussed it. We made our own poppies and the made it into a wreath. The children glued, cut, tore and stuck and it looks gorgeous.  

I have to say, Pudsey Bear Day is my favourite  day of the school year. We had lots of fun. We did our Friday Disco as normal and then a disco dance every hour after that! We also did a Scoot-a-thon, a Joe Wicks Workout, jigswas, Pudsey colour-by-numbers, Spot to Spots, decorate your own Pudsey bandana, making Pudsey masks, compare bear patterns, leaf Pudseys jigsaws and even had time for Read Write Inc and watching Winnie the Pooh!

It had been a gorgeous day and I hope the children have loved it as much as I have.



Have a lovely weekend. 


Miss Hill