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Big Maths Beat That (Fridays only)

Hi Everyone,


Do you remember Big Maths Beat that from the Spring term?

I know it was a while ago now but as you've been doing so well with our daily maths activities, Miss Hill and I thought it would be fun to introduce it again.  It's a chance to practise recalling your number facts or learn its as fast as you can against the clock. The Year 1's and the rest of school all do Beat that every Friday so this is our opportunity to join them.

You will need some paper, a pencil, some crayons and your grown up to play the music for you on their phone or computer.


Here is what you need to do:

 1. If you have access to a printer, you can download the Big maths sheet and print it at home.


2. If you have no printer, ask your grown up or a member of your family to write the questions out for you on some paper.


3. Get ready with your pencil (maybe practise writing your name and the date at the top like we would do in class). 


4. Ask your grown up to start the music. Sometimes I like to do a bit of a dance to the intro music. Remember don't write any answers down until the music man says go and don't copy out the question just put the answer.


5. Stop when it says stop. Remember you can continue in the crayons if you want to finish any questions that you didn't have time to complete.


6. Why not have a go at drawing your own version of PIM to colour at the end. We'd love to see them on tapestry!


7. Remember you can use your fingers or some objects to help you if you get stuck.


8. Ask your grown up to check your answers and count how many you got right. Try to beat your score next week. 


9. If you get all the answers right. Next week try the next sheet which has the questions in a different order. Then if you complete that one, the week after you could try challenge 2.


10. Have lots of fun!

Big Maths... Beat That. 20 Seconds Version.

This is the final sheet for F2 (If you require higher sheets please check the year 1 blog) Thank you.