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Guided Reading

Thanks MH for your excellent suffragette rosette!

Friday the 19th of June 2020

The activity today is to read and correct texts with mistakes in them. Please choose your group, read carefully and then explain your corrections on google forms. Please read carefully as I have been very sloppy and made plenty of errors!

Mice Group text to check and correct


Today i whent to the seeside. It was fun and gud. My family got the train and it was sow fast! I eat ice cream and made a sand catle. On the way home I feel aslep and snored. It was the best diy of my life.

Owls and Stickmen text to correct (Also you could complete the story!)


Once upon a tim ther was a brave queen who was very cros. The reason for this wos that a dreadful dragon was scaring and hurting her poeple. She shouted, "Enough! I will fight this best!"


The following day she hid in the woods ready to catch the dragon. She set a trapp. First she dug a huge whole in the ground. Then she covered it with leaves and gently sprinkled owld cookies over it. This was because dragons absolutley lov old rotten cookies. She then waited in for hours for the brutal beast to show itself. At dusk when the sun had almost disappeared there was a nose in the bushes....

Foxes and Snakes text to read, correct and complete!


19th of June 1913

Holloway Prison

Dear diary,


It has been 2 weeks since I have been in priosn with my fellow suffragettes. I am so frustrated and furious about our situation. Unbelievablly, I have not been allowed a pen or pencil until today and I have so mych to talk to you about.


To start with I should tell you about my arrest. There I was on a march determined to protest and make our voice heard that things need to change and that we have the right to vote, to study, to earn our own money and be free. My deer friend Elizabeth, who I was marching with, decided to chain herself to the city hall and I join her by padlocking myself to the railings. The police tried to move us but it was imposible! The officers were full of fury and it took three hours to cut us away from the fence. For this we were given three months in prison........



Thank you RM for your super work!

Thursday the 18th of June 2020

Hello all. I hope the week is going well. Today we are going to do some singing about the suffragettes. Please look at this popular protest song which featured in the Mary Poppins film. Please read it carefully and have a go at singing and reciting it! In the song there are great examples of suffixes such as "restless" and "grateful". Some key words to know before we start:

dauntless: to show a lot of determination

petticoat: A dress worn under another dress. (It was fashionable at the time!)

crusader: A fighter or activist

shackles: chains to hold down prisoners

fray: a battle or fight

meek: quiet and gentle

Mary Poppins - Sister Suffragette

Task 1: Sing and recite the song!
Task 2: Make a list of all the suffix words in the poem e.g. grateful

Task 3: Please make a suffragette rosette

Task 4: Please write your own suffragette song!

Wednesday the 17th of June 2020

Greetings all on this fine Wednesday. This week we have been looking at the suffragettes but what about the suffragists? The suffragists like Martin Luther King and Rosa Parks believed in non violence and peaceful protest. Please listen to me read a biography of the most famous suffragist, Millicent Fawcett. If you ever visit the houses of parliament in London you will find her statue outside.

Millicent Fawcett

Mice text

Owl and Stickmen text

Snakes and Foxes text

How Millicent Fawcett became the first woman to be honoured in Parliament Square

Year 2s please watch this short film on how Millicent Fawcett's statue was made

Please try some or all of these tasks


Task 2: Please make your own venn diagram to show the differences between Emmeline Pankhurst and Millicent Fawcett. In the middle you can put their similarities. Here is one I have started to make

Task 3: Make your own word search on the right for women to vote. Please include words like suffragette, vote, protest, Fawcett and equality. Here is an example

Tuesday the 16th of June 2020

Hi everyone I hope you are all doing well. Thank you for your google form replies. Today's reading will focus on Emily Davison who was a famous suffragette.


Click the link below to watch a newsround feature on the suffragette movement and Emily's life.

Please watch my video where you will learn more about Emily Davison and we will look at the key features of an information text.

Emily Davison

Mice text

Owls, Stickmen, Snakes and Foxes text

Task 1

Task 2

Task 3

Monday the 15th of June 2020

Happy Monday everyone! This week we will look at more inspirational people who made a positive change. After looking at TBN's wonderful suffragette work, I thought we could all study this important time in Britain's history where many women stood up for the right to vote and the right to be free. Please watch this video which gives a short background on what began over 100 years ago.

The right to vote

Suffragettes explained | Who were they?

The story of the Marvellous Millicent Fawcett and the Amazing Emmeline Pankhurst have some pretty impressive stories, find out abut their incredible work for...

Please choose the correct text according to your guided reading group to research the leader of the suffragettes, Emmeline Pankhurst. Then answer the google forms questions and if you like try the extra activities below. Good luck historical readers!

Mice and Stickmen text

Owl text

Snake and Fox text

Some extra resources to research.



Here is a very interesting cartoon on Emmeline Pankhurst which includes an interactive game at the end.

Mary Poppins - Sister Suffragette

The Suffragette Song - Horrible Histories (FULL VIDEO)

Great brainstorming here by SW and RM! Lots of great vocabulary and horrible ingredients!

Friday 12th June


We'll finish off the week by looking at chapters 10-12. Please watch the video to find out more!

Y2 The Twits 5

Tasks for today


You have several options today.... You can either:


-Continue with your recipe from yesterday if it's not finished

-Pick an activity from earlier in the week that you haven't done yet

-Write a letter to the Twits, giving advice on their behaviour and giving them ideas for nicer activities and things they could do! (E.g. give a compliment instead of insulting each other, Play a board game together instead of playing tricks).

-If you're feeling really ambitious you could do all three!


If you're writing a letter, you may find these sentence starters helpful:


Dear Mr and Mrs Twit


I am writing to you because…..


You could try…..


Remember to….


Instead of…..


Why don’t you…..


Yours sincerely,


(your name)


Lastly, here is the Google form for today: Chapters 10-12


Please submit your work here: Submit work

Great work here by RM! It's great to see the things that make you happy!

Thursday 11th June


Today we will look at the next two chapters of 'The Twits'. Please watch the video to see what happens next and find out about your task.

Y2 The Twits 4

Please have a go at writing a recipe for Mrs Twits spaghetti. Remember to use your brainstorm to help, and expand on your ideas. Here are your remember to's:


-Include a title, introduction, ingredients list and method

-Include a number at the beginning of each instruction

-Include some time connectives (First, next, after that...)

-Include a range of bossy verbs (chop, mix, stir...)

-Clearly explain each instruction, so the reader knows exactly what to do


Here is my example, along with some layout ideas for your recipe

Have a go at the questions on this Google Form: Chapters 8 and 9


And submit any work here: Submit work

Love this acrostic poem by MH, you have thought of so many happy things! Well done.

Wednesday 10th June


Hello there, we're onto chapters 6 and 7 of The Twits today. Please watch the following video to hear more of the story and find out about your task.

Y2 The Twits 3

Please have a go at making a brainstorm for Mrs Twit's recipe! Here is my example. Remember you can add any extras to make it even more disgusting! I added some spider legs which will be scattered on top.

Have a go at this activity if you would like to recap verbs:


Finally please have a go at these questions: Chapters 6-7


And submit your work here: Submit work

Well done to TB-N for all her research on the Suffragettes! Great use of adverbs too!

Fantastic work here on adjectives and similes, well done!

Tuesday 9th June


Today we continue with "The Twits', looking at chapters 4-5. Please watch the following video to find out more!

Y2 The Twits 2

Task 1


Now please have a go at writing your 'good thoughts' poem! Why not illustrate it once you have finished?


Mice and Stickmen - please try to write at least 5 lines.


Owls, Snakes and Foxes - please write 8-10 lines. Try to use some adjectives and similes! 





Task 2


Please make a prediction about a trick that Mr Twit might play! Choose one of the items below to base it around. If you already know what happens, try to think of a different trick he could play, using the items below. Either:


-Act it out with someone in your household

-Draw it (this could be in the form of a comic strip or just one picture)

-CHALLENGE: Write part of the next chapter, explaining what Mr Twit does next. 


The text is available online but please try not to read on as this will spoil your predictions and ideas!

Have a go at the questions on this Google form.


Submit any work to us here: Submit work

Monday 8th June


I have really enjoyed having a look at your fabulous work around 'People who positively changed the world' last week. Well done! This week we will look at the story 'The Twits', by Roald Dahl.


Throughout the week I'll read some of the chapters, but you can find the whole story here: - This will be useful to look back on to answer questions and to do the tasks. Please watch the following video to hear the first three chapters and find out about your tasks.

Y2 The Twits

Please draw a decaying piece of food and write adjectives and similes inside to describe it. I apologise in advance, these are quite disgusting!

Here is the extract to have a look at and my example of a very old banana!

CHALLENGE: Do you think Mr Twit should have to wash his beard? Could you give three reasons as to why/why not?


E.g. Mr Twit should wash his beard because it is very unhygienic and he could become ill from all the mouldy food! Also.... Finally....




Mr Twit should not have to wash his beard if he doesn't want to. Firstly, he is actually saving water by washing less, which is good for the environment, secondly..... finally....

Now please have a go at the questions on the form and submit and pictures of your disgusting fruits!


The Twits questions


Submit work

Thank you Y2 for all your wonderful work on the incredible Rosa Parks and Martin Luther King

Friday the 5th of June 2020

Happy Friday everyone. Today we will look at a fact file of Martin Luther King by National Geographic kids ( extra facts did we see compared to the text you were given yesterday?


Fact File

Activity 2: Please draw a picture of Martin Luther King. You can do it in any style you want. Here are some examples and below is a link to teach you how draw this inspirational person.

How To Draw Cartoon Martin Luther King Jr

Learn how to draw Martin Luther King Jr. We're drawing a cartoon version of him to keep this lesson fun and easy for young artists! 🎨 ART SUPPLIES we love ht...

Activity 3: Please make your own information poster on Martin Luther King through looking at the various texts and short films posted on the blog. 


Thursday the 3rd of June 2020

Hello all! Today we will look at another hero who is connected to Rosa Parks. If Rosa managed to help change rules to make sure everyone was treated the same on buses in the USA, this person stood up for justice and tried to get every rule in the USA to treat people equally. His name was Dr Martin Luther King Junior and he was inspired by Rosa to make the world better. He is one of the most famous people from the 20th century and his speech "I have a dream" is thought to be one of the finest speeches in history. Sadly, like Rosa, standing up for what was right was not easy and very dangerous. Tragically, he died for his beliefs but his dream lives on and I am sure if he saw our classrooms at Walkley full of kind people of different colours, cultures and beliefs, he would be very happy. Please watch the video of me reading an information text on this incredible man and then read the correct text according to your reading group. Finally, look at the tasks I would like you to try.


Mice text

Stickman and Owl text

Snake and Fox text

Activity 2: Please make a fact file of Dr King. Here is a frame you could use or do it in your own style.

Activity 3: Please write your own speech inspired by Dr King's

Extra research

A woman remembers how, as a girl, she was taken by her father in 1963 to Washington to hear a man talk. At first she couldn't understand why her father would...

Wednesday the 3rd of June 2020

Hello everyone! Today I would like you to look at the video of me reading another Rosa Parks information text from the Oxford Owls e library. We posted this web page at the start of lock down as a great resource and indeed it is. You can sign up for free and make your own log in details (with the help of an adult). There are 100s of different books including lots of the Project X series and Biff, Chip and Kipper you can read or listen to. Here is the link to access this fantastic resource:

oxford owl Rosa Parks

Activity 1: Please draw a picture of Rosa Parks. It could be a portrait or portray a scene from her life story. Please use any materials you like for example water colours, felt pens or scraps of paper.

Examples including last year's Y2 collage

Activity 2: Make your own word search which includes words in the Rosa Parks reading text such as segregation, boycott, unfair and rights.

Activity 3: Make your own Rosa Parks quiz! For example:

Where was Rosa Parks born?

A) New York

B) Birmingham

C) Montgomery

D) Detriot


Tuesday the 2nd of June 2020

Hi folks! Thank you for all the responses from google forms yesterday and some excellent definitions of what segregation means. In today's google forms there is more opportunity to write your own opinions of Rosa Parks and so I look forward to reading them later! Please look below at a short video of me reading another Rosa Parks biography to help you research this courageous and peaceful person.


Rosa Parks

Please look at your reading group's text from yesterday to help you answer the google form questions.

Here is my plan for a Rosa Parks biography and the start of my information text. Please do your own. It could be a poster or written as a small book

Monday the 1st of June 2020

Hello lovely year 2s! I hope you had a good break and enjoyed the sunshine.


If we had been in school we would have already started a topic called "People who positively changed the world" where we would have looked at people throughout the world who had or have been a force for good. One of the incredible people we would have done drama, art work, research and writing on is Rosa Parks. Please look below at me reading a biography (life story) on this brave and magnificent women who stood up against unfair rules in the USA over 60 years ago. 


Rosa Parks

The Rosa Parks story (dramatisation) | History - True Stories

Mice group text

Owl and Stickmen text

Snake and Fox text

Horrible Histories Rosa Parks Song

Horrible Histories Rosa Parks Equality Song from episode 1 series 5

Please read the text and watch the clips before you try today's google form

Extra work Challenge!

Please plan an information text on Rosa Park. Here is an example of how to plan it and make a word bank. Tomorrow we will look at how to write the report.

Well done to TBN for this fabulous review of The Messy Magpie. I love the layout, it's very original. Fantastic vocabulary choices too, such as 'flourishing' and 'environment'.

Friday 22nd May


For our last lesson on 'The Messy Magpie,' we will be doing a bit of persuasive writing on littering. Please watch this video to find out more about Littering and to hear about your tasks. It's a bit crackly at the beginning, I'm not sure why. Sorry about that!

Y2 Day 5 Littering

Mice and Stickmen - Please create a poster to persuade people not to litter! Remember to include:

-A catchy title

-Some pictures

-3 or more sentences 


Owls, Snakes and Foxes - Please write a letter from one of the animals in the story, to persuade people not to litter. Remember to:

-Explain why you are writing to them 
-Explain what the humans did and why it was wrong 
-Explain what will happen if they don’t stop throwing litter 
-Explain how they can make it better


Use these sentence openers to help you structure your letter and have a go using some of these key words

Please submit any work here:


Submit work


And have a wonderful half term! laugh

Well done to RM for his brilliant homemade Flat Stanley! Complete with the grate from the story and an envelope addressed to California!

Thursday 21st May


Thanks to LM and JD for sending in their fantastic quiz questions! I have put them into this Google Form:


Messy Magpie Quiz


Please have a go!


Now please read the last page of the story, then watch the video below to find out more about your task.

The Messy Magpie 4 - Mice

The Messy Magpie 4 - all other groups

Messy Magpie 4

Task 1


Please make a story mountain and write and/or draw the main events of the story onto it. 


You can watch this clip if you'd like to find out more about story mountains:


Task 2


Please write your own book review of the story! Try to include a summary of the story, which explains what happens in just a few sentences. Your story mountain will help with this. 

Please use this form to submit any work to us!:


Submit work

Some examples of book reviews, you don't have to include all these features, just pick the bits you'd like to do!

I'm loving this homemade stream picture sent in by MH! Great work on the speech bubbles too, very creative!

Thanks to LM for her brilliant blurb and diary entry! What great ideas!

Wednesday 20th June 


Hello Gruffawhales, today please read page 3 of the story, then watch the video to find out about your task.

Messy Magpie - Mice

Messy Magpie - all other groups

Messy Magpie 3

Today, please make your own multiple choice quiz, all about the Messy Magpie!


Remember to use some of these openers for your questions: Who, What, Where, When, Why


Mice - please write three possible answers to go with each of these questions:

-What did the humans leave behind?

-Who is the main character in the story?


Stickmen and Owls - please write at least three questions, with three possible answers each.


Snakes and Foxes - please write at least 5 possible questions, with three possible answers each. Try to include at least one vocabulary question. E.g. What does dismay mean?


Here are the Google forms for today:


Messy Magpie 3

Submit work


EXTRA CHALLENGE - have a go at these reading questions based around the rainforest, then answer on the Google forms. Most of the questions on the form are not multiple choice (to provide more of a challenge) so the form is unable to mark them. I have provided feedback so you can judge whether the answers are correct. 


Gary's Big Adventure

Layers of the Rainforest

Thank you TBN for your fab prediction and interesting fact!

Tuesday 19th May


Today we will work on inference and vocabulary. Please read through the second page of the story, then watch the video underneath to work on some questions together. Please make sure you watch the video that is underneath your group's text!


Messy Magpie 2 Mice

All other groups

Messy Magpie 2

Task 1


What are the otters talking about in the photo? Either:

- discuss this with a grown up (perhaps you even could act this out!)


- draw pictures of the otters, with speech bubbles to show what they're saying


Task 2


Mice - How do the animals feel about what is happening? Please draw pictures of the animals and write their thoughts and feelings in thought bubbles. (See mine below). You can choose different animals if you wish. I am sure there will be rabbits, mice, and squirrels who are also annoyed about this!


Stickmen and Owls - Please write a diary entry in the first person, written by one of the animals. Take a look at mine below, which was written by the otter. You may wish to use these sentence openers to help (in any order you like!):

Today....   After that..... Then..... When....  Sadly.... Later on..... Finally.......


Snakes and Foxes - Please write a diary entry in the first person, written by one of the animals. Please try to use some of the interesting vocabulary from the story, such as:

muddy-like hue, distress/distressed/distressing, lost to the mess, wilting

CHALLENGE - Can you use any est suffixes (e.g. dirtiest, angriest, smelliest, filthiest, cleanest - maybe it used to be!)

Lastly, here are the Google Forms for today:


Recap adjectives and nouns here to help with the vocabulary questions -


Vocabulary questions


Submit work

Monday 18th May


This week we will be looking at a story called 'The Messy Magpie'. Today we'll be using a range of reading skills, starting with prediction and inference! 

Please watch this video to find out about your first task

Y2 Messy Magpie

Please look closely at the front cover of the story and make a prediction about what the story will be about

CHALLENGE: Can you write a blurb about your prediction? A blurb tells the reader what the story will be about, so they can decide whether or not they want to read it. Here are some examples of other blurbs to give you ideas. Why not illustrate it with some pictures too?
Now please read the first page of the story and then watch the video to play fastest finger first with me.

Mice text

Y2: Mice Fastest finger first

All other groups

Y2 Fastest finger

Here are the Google forms for today:


Story questions


Submit work



Friday the 15th of May 2020

Good morning all! Today we will conclude our week of poetry by looking at two terrific poems. The first is by the unique and wonderful Benjamin Zephaniah. He left school at the age of 13 unable to read or write but now is a celebrated poet and writer.


Here is his hilarious football poem "Football Mad":




Also below is my attempt at performing this poem while at school yesterday. Many thanks to FG in goal and for TM in Giants for filming it!

Clever Trevor!

Here is the full poem!

Provided to YouTube by The Orchard Enterprises Football Mad · Benjamin Zephaniah Funky Turkeys ℗ 2011 Copyright Group Released on: 2011-07-01 Auto-generated ...

Please draw a picture of "Clever Trevor"! Here is my attempt.


I know you have looked at this before but we had so much fun that I thought we should revisit it! Here is Nick Toczek's wacky and superb poem, "The Dragon Who Ate Our School". Please sit back and speak along to this fantastic piece of poetry.

Mice text for The Dragon Who Came to School

Stickman, Owl, Snake and Fox group's Dragon poem

Please write a diary based on the poem. Here is a frame to help you

Today's google form full of questions about these poems

Thursday the 13th of May 2020


Hello everyone! I hope you are doing fine. Please watch the video below where we will play fastest finger and look at the key skill of summarising the text in this lesson.



Summarising Chocolate Cake

Please use some of these key words in your summary:


tempting        temptation         couldn't      sneaked   

greedy         greedily          quiet        delicious    beautiful

wonderful           shocked          panic           frantically       guilty

regret            hope      embarrassed  



Here is the Mice group's second part of the poem

Here is the example of my summary of the poem in the 3rd person

Please take a photo of something you find tempting!!

Also you could write a poem of something you find tempting. Here is a frame you could use to help you

Today's Google forms!

Wednesday the 13th of May 2020

Hello super star year 2s! I hope you enjoyed reading the Chocolate cake poem yesterday. Today I would like you to find these words in the poems posted on Monday (Make sure you pick your group's text). Fastest finger everyone!:


chocolate    mum    yeah   nibble     licking    left    school

woke    door     crept    playtime  downstairs


After that, have you noticed the poem is full of strange sounds like "yoowww!" or "oooooommm!"? These are called onomatopeia. This means a word that resembles a sound it describes. When we describe animal sounds like "woof!" or "meow" these are onomatopeias. Also in comics you see them a lot. For example BAAM! or POW! In the chocolate cake poem, Michael Rosen uses them to describe the strange noises he is using when he excitedly eats the cake. Can you find them all in the poem?


Next please re-read the poem and answer these questions on google forms:


Finally, as an extra challenge, please try these Chocolate Cake tasks!

Look what got posted to LM!! Thank you for sending us these photos

Tuesday 12th of May 2020


Greetings Y2 readers!! 


For the next few days we will read and listen to poems. Today we are looking at the wonderful poem "Chocolate Cake" by the equally wonderful Michael Rosen. First of all, sit back and enjoy these two captivating (very interesting) performances of his poem! As you can see the two performances are slightly different. Why do you think that might be?

Click on this link and watch below:



Chocolate Cake | POEM | Kids' Poems and Stories With Michael Rosen

Please select the correct text for your group, read the poem carefully. Then read it with lots of expression and acting. Finally try to learn and recite part of the poem off by heart. As you can see, this written version is slightly different to Michael Rosen's performances. Therefore, you can add your own ideas and emotions to it as well to convey the feeling of temptation (wanting something badly) and worry. Also below you can see two attempts at poetry recital!

Mice group's text

Owl and Stickman group's text

Fox and snake group's text

12th May. Mr Malcolm's Chocolate Cake

12.11.20: A chocolate cake recital

Finally, please answer questions on the google form below and send us a photo or video of you performing part of the poem. Alternatively, you could send us a picture of a really tempting chocolate cake!


Here is my attempt. I got help from the video below!

How To Draw A Cute Cake

Follow along and draw a cute birthday cake! You can learn more and purchase our funny food ebook here Bec...

Monday 11.5.12: Y2 Flat Stanley 5

Thursday 7th May


Today we are working on prediction. Like predicting Pip, we will be trying to work out what might happen in the story in the future. Please watch this video to hear the next chapter and to find out more.

Y2 Flat Stanley 4

Tasks for today


Please predict what might happen in the final chapter, using your knowledge of Flat Stanley to help you. 


Please choose from the following tasks:


- Act out the final chapter, using your own homemade Flat Stanley (or act it out with members of your family!)


- Draw pictures of what might happen and write sentences underneath.


- CHALLENGE: Write the whole of the next chapter!


Please take photos of whatever you get up to and attach them to this Google Form!

Wednesday 6th May


Today we are working on vocabulary. Please watch this video to hear chapter 3 of the story and find out about your tasks. 

Y2: Flat Stanley chapter 3

Now please have a go at these activities to learn more about adjectives!


Please also answer the vocabulary questions on this Google Form so we can see how you're getting on:

CHALLENGE: read through the text and write down as many adjectives as you can find!

Tuesday 5th May


Today we are working on retrieval. Please watch the following video to hear more of the story and find out about your task.

Now please have a go at making your own Stanley cut-out, using paper or cardboard. Please act out chapter 2 using your own Stanley. We would love to see some photos or videos of his adventures!


CHALLENGE - Act out the whole story to this point, and show what might happen next, using your Stanley. 


Finally, have a go at these retrieval questions and use this form to show us your work!

Here is my Stanley! I will post some photos of his adventures along with your photos!

Joke time!!


Thanks to EG and JD for their hilarious jokes!! You have made us all chuckle!

EG Jokes

JD's joke

Monday 4th May


This week I will be reading the book 'Flat Stanley' every day and setting tasks based around 5 key reading skills: inference, prediction, retrieval, sequencing and vocabulary. Here are the reading dogs to remind you what these are!


Today we will work on inference.

Now please watch this video to listen to the first chapter and find out about your task.


Mice - please draw a picture of Stanley and write adjectives around the outside to describe how he might have felt. Please write at least 5 adjectives.


Stickmen and Owls - please draw a picture of Stanley then describe how you think he, his Mum and Dad and Arthur felt, using full sentences. Feel free to use the sentence frames below.


Snakes and Foxes - please write a diary entry describing what has happened to Stanley and explaining how he felt. You could either finish my diary entry below or write your own.


Please upload photos of your work to this form! -

Please see examples of the tasks below. I haven't finished them as I want you to use your own ideas!

Friday 1st of May 2020: Please write a book review of a fiction or non fiction text you have read recently. Here are some ways you could lay it out but please do it in your own wonderful style!

Thursday 30th April


Hi there! Today we are looking at technical vocabulary. Please watch this video to find out more about this and to see how to complete the tasks!


Please use the same Japan text we have been looking at all week to complete the following tasks:

Mice - Please make a word mat; Stickmen and Owls - please make your own Japan Dictionary; Foxes and Snakes - please make a crossword puzzle!

Wednesday 29th of April. Please re read your Japan text and make a poster advertising Japan as a holiday destination using information you have read. Please see my example for ideas!

Tuesday 28th April


UPDATE: I have turned off 'auto marking' on the quizzes because a lot of correct answers were getting marked wrong. I should be able to review and mark your answers myself so please don't let that put you off!


Hello there! Today we are working on retrieval and inference. Please watch the following video where we will play Fastest Finger First and look at some questions together.

Here is the text for the MICE group:

MICE - Now please have a go at these questions:

Here is the reading text for Owls and Stickmen groups

Now please have a go at these questions -

Here is the text for the Foxes and Snakes:

Now please have a go at these questions -