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Heroes, part 2

Elmers to the rescue

(week 6)

This week we have been using our finger gym to rescue superheroes from an evil web with tweezers. We've used our investigation skills to try and balance a coin on a lemon in the water tray. 

We have been using our design & technology skills to create our own superheroes

Elmers explore, investigate & build.

(Week 5)

This week we have been investigating ice, observing it using our senses & using language to describe it & how it changes over time.

This week we have been learning about shapes, we've played with shapes, named some shapes and described some of their properties.
Our construction area has seen a lot of action this week too, we've created houses, castles, prisons & used the track pieces to create such a large network that it could take you "through the whole universe" or "even London & Whitby!"

A visit from a police officer

(Week 4)

To help bring our theme of 'Heroes' alive we invited a police officer to visit nursery. Due to the unpredictable nature of the job we couldn't guarantee an exact day or time. We were lucky enough to have a PC, along with a police vehicle come to Elmer class to talk about their work on Thursday this week. We found out about the uniform they wear (& had the opportunity to try on jackets/hats), what equipment they use including listening to the police radio & how they keep people safe. The PC showed us how to put on handcuffs & arrest someone (Mrs Waller!), how to unlock handcuffs & how to open/lock a baton which was very heavy! We talked about the role of animals in the police force too. We had the opportunity to sit in a police vehicle, press buttons, sound the horn & talk about the special equipment inside it. 

Chinese New Year dancing

(Week 3)

This week we have been talking about the forthcoming Chinese New Year celebrations. On Thursday, Amy taught us how to do a fan dance, a ribbon dance & a dragon dance. We had so much fun moving our bodies in different ways, learning new skills & listening to new music. Next week we will be making our own instruments to continue the Chinese New Year celebrations.

When Goldilocks went to the house of the bears...

(Week 2)

As part of our maths learning, we have been reading Goldilocks & the Three Bears. We have focused on the language 'just right', as well as looking at comparisons and size. We have acted out the story in dramatic play, made porridge for the bears using the appropriate sized utensils & used small world characters to recreate aspects of the story.

Forest School

week 1

Welcome back Elmer Class! 

A warm welcome to our new class members who have settled in brilliantly, well done.

This week in Elmer class we have spent some time getting creative in the forest school. We had to make some adjustments to our trips due to the exciting building work taking place on site but we were very sensible when walking to & from forest school & we still managed to have plenty of fun! We used natural materials to create shapes & patterns, made Stick Man, created rubbings using wax crayons & played some games.