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Famous Artists


This year in art we have explored Arabic patterns, as well as the use of blending colour in paintings of the Great Fire of London.  


We normally like to explore famous artists and paintings but this year we thought we would try something different.  Have you been to an art gallery? Do you or your parents have a favourite piece of art? Can you try and copy it?

You can draw it, colour it, or be like the teachers and be the piece of art.  Let's see what you can come up with!

Walkley staff art gallery




The other week Miss Hill in Caterpillar class came up with the sock Olympics.

We would love you to have a go too.  5 events and a bonus event.


Please ask parent permission before you start to throw socks....


Still image for this video

Sockdown Olympics

Mr Murphy's Sockdown Olympics!

Your maps of Walkley Primary School

Y1 Walkley School Map


I can't get the youtube video to embed so please so here to follow instructions





It is important that we have a knowledge of our location in the world.  We all know we live in Sheffield, but what country are we in?  How many countries make up the United Kingdom?


Today we have a few tasks to explore the United Kingdom


First load up google maps or google earth.


Find your house

Find our school

Find the whole island of Great Britain.

Find England, Scotland and Wales

Find the island of Ireland. Find Northen Ireland

Find the Isle of White and the Isle of Man

What other island can you find?

What city do we live in?

What are the 4 capital cities in the UK?


This map below splits up the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Island into the 4 countries that make it up.

Can you name the 4 countries (plus the other one left over)?

Can you name the capital cities?  




We really enjoy working with computers, laptops, tablets and other devices in Year 1.  In school we algorithms to instruct computers to do what we want.  I've attached a link to a scheme of work for Year 1 Children.  It looks like this


All of our Year 1 children have gone through most of this course and maybe they can show their adults how to code!  The children are used to using a mouse at school, and they might find laptop trackpads difficult.  This course should also work on phones and tablets



Screen time can be difficult, and we like to use a timer to make sure we know when we have had enough.  Stay safe and smart when using a computer and remember to ask an adult if something goes wrong.  Enjoy your coding Year 1s!