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Home Learning Science

On Saturday 20th June the Yorkshire Wildlife Trust would like you to take part in the Great Yorkshire Creature Count.


You will have 24 hours to find as many creatures as you can and log it.  Good luck!

Tuesday 9th 2020

Hi Year 1. What yucky weather we've had over the past few days. Here's hoping we start to get some sunshine again.

I can't believe how super you guys are at science. We had 7 children answer the questions about moving pictures and guess what? They all got every question right WOW!


So what do have for your this week?

Again another bit of magic science.

Can we blow up a glove without using our mouths?

What do you think?

This time try answering the questions before you watch the video and see if you get the answers right.

Good Luck


Monday 1st June

Hi everyone. I hope you've had a great half term.

Did you have fun with the egg experiment?

Please take a look at the web link below to see IL's Egg investigation.

I thought I'd start this week with some magic.

Did you know you can make pictures come to life?

Watch this video to see how and then have a go yourself.

Dry Erase

To create a stick figure in this example go from static to motion in three easy steps.

Friday 22nd May

Hello everyone. As we're coming up to a half term holiday, I thought I'd set you a science challenge!

Before the challenge though I'd just like to share some of the photos you have sent to me showing your fantastic science work this half term. Well done guys you are awesome!

Your challenge is...




Think about when we were learning about materials and their properties.

Think about what properties an egg has.

Think about how you might test your ideas

Think about how you might record your answers.


We will be having a go too so please upload your photos and results so that we can share what works the best.

Good luck everyone and have a great half term!

Tuesday 12th May

Hi guys. Well, I was going to do a lovely plant science experiment for you but then Mr Murphy sent me a message with an idea for an experiment he thought you might like better.

So here goes.

Yes Giants we are going to make some..... poo!

As well as it being disgusting, it really is also quite interesting so here I've uploaded a link to a page where you can find out more. You can watch a video and even take a quiz to test your knowledge.

Here we go !

Kids Science Channels


Hi everyone here is a list of some science youtube channels that you might find interesting to watch. They cover lots of the topics we have covered over the past few terms and also lots of other things too. I hope you enjoy them.

  • Happy Learning English has a large collection of videos about humans, animals and plants.
  • Learn about amazing animals with this playlist from National Geographic Kids.
  • Hopscotch produce many educational videos. This playlist has songs about habitats, the continents, oceans and planets.
  • Operation Ouch produce educational videos about the human body.
  • Homeschool Pop has put together a collection of videos that cover a wide range of Science topics.
  • SciShow Kids has a wide range of Science videos that answer different questions about the world.
  • Science Max carries out huge science experiments. Could your children try similar experiments, but on a smaller scale, at home?

Monday 4th May

Hi guys, firstly, apologies for the Results video, I don't know what has happened it was there

one minute and gone the next! Magic or Science? I don't know so I'll try and upload it again for you. Well done to those guys who've had a go and those of you who had a good think about what might happen you were absolutely right, the leaves did turn blue so well done everyone!


Well what science challenge do I have in store for you this week?

Well this week marks 75 years since the end of WW2 so I thought we might try to make something that the soldiers might have found useful or something you might find useful to spy on your parents with! He he he

Watch the video to see how to make your very own Periscope.

I'm going to have a go too. I just need to drink some more orange first! I'll upload a video when its done. Happy spying everyone.

Science Experiments That You Can Do At Home - Make Your Own Periscope

Welcome To LAB 360 where science is fun. Today we are here with one of the coolest science experiments "Make Your Own Periscope" science experiment you and y...

Thursday 30th April

Morning guys. Thank you for the responses to our celery experiment. It was so goo to hear from you and to see some lovely smiley faces too.

So what happened?

Well its been a couple of days now so lets take a look!

So what happened?

Tuesday 28th April

Hello Giants I hope you're all well. I'm really missing our Tuesday Science sessions.

Hopefully you've been enjoying the lovely weather. Today as I look outside of my window it doesn't look too sunny. Oh well you know what that means... plenty of time for some science!

Before we left school we had been looking closely at plants and finding out about what they need to grow healthily and learning the special names for the different plant parts. Can you remember any? I be you can!

This week my children have set up an experiment that shows clearly how a STEM works by moving water from the soil, all the way through the plant and up to the leaves. It's amazing!

It would be great if you could try this too and we can compare pictures to see what has happened. We have used Celery in our experiment but I know you can use some flowers too. I was even wondering if it would work with some of the flowers you might find out and about like Daisies and Dandelions should we try it and see what happens?

See you soon!

28 April 2020