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Try to make a phonics rollercoaster!

Rollercoaster phonics game

Revisit the phonics videos to practise your spelling of green words.

Practise your split digraphs

Split digraphs are the sounds in words such as 'a-e' 'e-e' 'i-e' 'o-e' and 'u-e'

Words such as 'cake' - 'a-e'

                        'theme' - 'e-e'

                        'fine' - 'i-e'

                        'hope' - 'o-e'

                        'tune' - 'u-e'

Use your Fred fingers to help you spell the words on these worksheets.

If you need to re-watch the videos with the 5 split digraphs in them.

Watch daily to practise your blending

Set 2 and set 3 green words (version 2)

Watch this lesson daily to embed your phonics (Version 2).

Reading set 2 and 3 sounds (version 2)

Read the sounds every day.

Watch daily to practise your blending

Revise green words

Assess if there are sounds you need to revise

Watch this lesson daily to embed your phonics

Revisit and assess sounds

Revisit set 2 and 3 sounds and assess which lesson needs repeating.

Set 3 - au

Learning the au sound

Set 3 - tion

Learning the tion sound

Set 3 - cious tious

Learning the sound cious tious

Set 3 - ure

Learning the sound ure

Set 3 - ue

Learning the sound ue

Set 3 - ear

Learning the sound ear

Set 3 - ire

Learning the sound ire

Set 3 - ew

Learning the sound ew

Set 3 - oa

Learning the sound oa

Set 3 - ai

Learning the sound ai

Set 3 - ow

Learning the sound - ow

Set 3 - er

Learning the sound er

Set 3 - ur

Learning the sound ur

Set 3- are

Learning the sound are

Set 3 - aw

Learning set 3 aw

Set 3 sounds - e-e

Learning the e-e sound

Set 3- o-e

Learning the o-e sound

Set 3 - u-e

Learning the u-e sound

Set 3 i-e

Learning the i-e sound

Set 3 sounds - a-e

Learning a-e

Set 3 sounds - oi

Learning the oi sound

Set 3 sounds

Learning the ea sound