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Just for Fun!

This page will be used for all things fun! (We know learning is fun too but this is for anything fun that doesn't fit into the other categories!) We can also use this page to stay in touch. Please use this form to upload anything you'd like us to see - it might be a message, photos, jokes, art work, or anything else!

Do you remember our slime class wide reward party back in October?! Here is a link to making the ultimate slime!

BL decided to make her own funny tangerine mask, after doing some code cracking in a Maths lesson last week.

Take a look at this super cute acrostic poem by MH. Brilliant illustrations too! Australian animals are fascinating. Why not do some research on one and have a go at a poem yourself?

Take a look at this fantastic picture, sent in by E.D. It shows the UK weather in a very imaginative way and I love the narration by E.D!

I'm loving this scary monster, sent in by RP. What brilliant drawing skills, well done!

Take a look at this awesome collage, sent in by MH. Great work!



Check out these hilarious jokes send in by our wonderful Y2s!

Joke from JD

EG Jokes

EG jokes 2