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At Walkley Primary, we believe that learning a Modern Foreign Language (MFL) provides an opportunity to communicate more effectively with others and supports an understanding of what it is like to be a global citizen. It gives the children an understanding of living in a multicultural society which gives more insight and tolerance to other cultures and fosters curiosity about the wider world.


The language we focus our teaching on at Walkley is Spanish from Year 3 through to Year 6.


We deliver a curriculum designed in collaboration with  King Edwards VII Secondary Language Collage which is underpinned by the key strands of the Framework for Languages. The three progressive core strands for teaching and learning are:

Oracy: This includes the key skills of speaking, spoken interaction and listening. Children will learn that language is a communicative tool, which is productive.

Literacy: This includes the key skills of reading for pleasure and comprehension alongside writing in a modern foreign language.

Intercultural Understanding: This includes developing an understanding of the countries in which the modern foreign language is studied. For example, children reflect upon celebrations, compare aspects of everyday life and learn about the geography of the countries.


In addition to this, the scheme of learning also accounts for two cross-cutting strands important in developing as language learners which are interwoven through the main strands:

Knowledge about Language: This involves becoming aware of how language is structured whilst understanding how languages are similar and different.

Language Learning Strategies: This involves children becoming aware of the process of learning and reflecting on the ways they are learning and being taught.


Currently, due to a change of approach to Modern Foreign Language teaching at Walkley, Year 3 children receive the Year 3 scheme of work, Year 4 receive the Year 4 scheme of work whilst Year 5 and 6 receive the Year 5 scheme of work. The year 6 scheme of work will be rolled out over the coming years as children progress through the scheme.