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Friday the 19th of June 2020


Hello everyone on this rainy Friday! Today is Learn its day. Please pick the correct level for you, play the music and answer the questions on a piece of paper!

Y2 learn it- 90 seconds

Big maths

Learn its

CLIC: Please choose the correct level, take your time and try and beat your score!

Thursday the 17th of June 2020

Hello all! I hope you are doing fine and well done to those who tried the maths investigation. Grace was indeed the fruit squasher. How could she have done such a thing?! 



Thank you for sending us all your maths work. Please keep it coming!

Today's CLIC

Main Activity

Today we are going back to place value skills. These skills are so important in maths as this is where you become experts in what a number is. Please have a look at me showing you how we can represent numbers in different ways and then answer the google form questions. Finally, please try the extra tasks!

Place value

Task 1: Google forms

Task 2: Please find items in your house to represent hundreds, tens and ones and then make numbers!

Task 3: Play this super place value game and shoot some basket balls.

Wednesday the 17th of June 2020

Good morning lovely Y2s. I need your help today. We need to be maths detectives and use our adding, subtracting, multiplication and division skills to find a criminal master mind who has been squashing fruit!

Please either print or do your working out on a piece of paper. Also watch my walk through of this challenge. Finally post your answer on the google form below!

Fruit squasher mystery!

Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube.

Well done to MH for your fabulous 3D symmetrical picture (I can also spot some symmetrical patterns on your carpet!) Well done to LM for your creative symmetrical patterns using paint!

Tuesday 16th June


Hi there, we will be looking at number sequences today. Please grab a pencil/pen and paper, have a go at these CLIC questions with me and learn about number sequences! For today's Learn its, have a go at this fun memory game with the 2, 5, 10 or 3 times tables.


Today's Google forms:       CLIC       CLIC Challenge     Submit work

Y2 Number sequences

This video explains number sequences even further. It is aimed at Key Stage 2 but I am sure you can handle it! There are some fun challenges on there too along with a quiz!

Please have a go at the activities below. Here is a hundred square which may help with spotting the pattern and counting.

Mice, Stickmen, Snakes and Owls

Foxes and Nois

CHALLENGE: Can you make up your own number sequences for a grown up or sibling? If you send them in we can also put them onto a Google form for others to answer!

Monday 15th June


Today we will be looking at symmetry. Please grab a pencil/pen and paper and watch the following video to have a go at some CLIC tasks with me and to learn more about symmetry. For the 'Learn its' part of CLIC please go on the 'Happy Burger' game and practise your times tables (2, 5, 10 or 3).


Today's Google forms:       CLIC       CLIC Challenge     Submit work

Now have a listen to this fun symmetry song!

Please now watch this video to learn even more!

Symmetry can be found in nature. Take a look at the following photos. Can you see the line of symmetry?

Task 1


Have a go at making your own symmetrical picture, either using natural objects from outside or objects in your house. Have a look at these examples to get some ideas. 

Task 2


Have a go at this fun symmetry game. You may remember this from school.

If you have access to paints, why not have a go at making a butterfly symmetry painting?

Friday the 12th of June 2020

Hi everyone on this marvellous Friday! I hope you have had a good week and have some nice plans for the weekend. Here is today's CLIC. Best of luck and thank you for all the work on Google forms.

Choose the correct sheet, play the music and answer the questions on a piece of paper. Good luck and beat last week's score!

Y2 learn it- 90 seconds

Big maths

CLIC: Please choose your CLIC level, take your time and use written methods

Thursday the 11th of June 2020

Howdy everyone on this fine Thursday! Thank you for the pictures of doing the maths time challenges and for a brilliant word problem question which is on today's google form!

Please try these core maths skills CLIC activities on a piece of paper before trying the forms!

Main Activity

Today we will continue multiplication and division word problems but some include 2 steps. Please watch the video to see how to use a variety of methods and decide which ones you would prefer to use on the google form challenges.

division and multiplication

Extra challenges!

1. Make your own problems with toys in your home and take pictures for this form!


2. See what number you end up at when counting in 20s for 3 minutes. I got to 2,220!                    0, 20, 40, 60, 80, 100, 120, 140, 160, ......


3. Try the Karate Cats maths multiplication and division level on Bronze, Silver or Gold (

Wednesday the 10th of June 2020

Hello all! I hope we are having a super morning. I am very sorry yesterday there was an error on the super spicy form which got corrected by Tuesday lunchtime. Thank you SW for spotting it was 163!


Here is today's CLIC. Please remember to write your working out down on paper and use manipulatives if you need to.

Please complete these core maths skills CLIC questions

x and ÷

Main Activity


Today we are continuing with word problems but this time we will be using multiplication and division skills. Again we need to be careful reading and re-reading the problem to find out what we need to do. Please watch the video to see how to use different methods to solve different x or ÷ questions. Please select the google form that best suits you (You can try all 3 if you like!) and best of luck!

Extra challenges!

1. Please see what number you get to counting in 5s for 2 minutes (120 seconds). I got to 505! 


2. Make your own word problems with illustrations. I would really like to include them in tomorrows google forms. Please send pictures of your work to this form (


3.Please try this question

Tuesday the 9th of June 2020

Hello all. I hope you are all doing ok. Thank you to those people who completed the google forms and sent in times and pictures of the 10-1000 challenge!


Today's challenge is write 50 - 2000 in the fastest time. Ready, steady go! 0, 50, 100, 150, 200, 250, 300, 350..........................

Tuesday's CLIC

2 Step problems

Today in maths we will continue with word problems but these now include 2 step problems. This means you need to be even more careful when reading the problem and decide if you need to add and then take away or take away and then add. Best wishes folks and please have a go at these forms.

Monday the 8th of June 2020: CLIC work

Activity 1: 10 -1000 Challenge!

After seeing my attempt at this maths challenge, please try it yourself and post times and pictures of your work on this form. Best of luck everyone!  (Hopefully it will let your adult have enough time to make a cup of tea!)

Add or Subtract?

Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube.

Activity 2: + - word problems


Today we are going to use our addition and subtraction skills practised over the last month to answer these word problems. First you need to identify if you need to add or take away. Many times if the question includes the words "altogether" or "total" the operation we need to use is to add. If the question includes the word "more", "difference" or "less", the operation is subtraction. However, it is not always the case! Please read and re-read questions carefully and perhaps draw the question to think about what you need to do. Best of luck everyone.

Amazing length work here on my garden items from RW - well done, you had a go at both sets of questions, you are working hard!

Friday 5th June


It's Friday! Which means it's time for our Big Maths challenges. Please pick your 'Learn It' from below and see how you do.


Big Maths music 90 seconds:

Now select your CLIC test and answer on the Google form

CLIC 6                    CLIC 7                  CLIC 8                    CLIC 9

If you'd like to do a little extra today, why not have a go at one or more of these problems?

Thursday 4th June 


There is a very special code breaker challenge in store for you today! First, please have a go at the CLIC problems on the Google form. 

Code breaker challenge


Miss Robinson has somehow slipped into a portal into another dimension, and on top of that, her head has turned into a tangerine and she has the voice of a chipmunk! The only way for her to return is to figure out a secret code, which will open up a new portal. She has sent the following message for you.

Y2 Code breaker



-Grab a pen/pencil and paper to do the working out.

-Click through the slides to see the clues.

-Read all of the text on each clue. Some clues have more than one step.

-You should end up with one 1 digit number per clue, so at the end you will have four 1 digit numbers. 

Finally, please submit the code here to free Miss Robinson!

If you would like to do any more problem solving, this website has lots of brilliant activities you can do at home:

Wednesday 3rd June 


Today we will be doing some problem solving involving length. But first, please watch this video to recap some CLIC strategies, then have a go at the problems and the Google Form.


Please watch this video to find out about your task, then find your map below and get started!


Mice, Stickmen and Owls

Snakes, Foxes and Nois

Remember you can submit any of your work here for us to see:


Submit work

Extra problem solving challenge!

Tuesday 2nd June


Today we will be looking at word problems involving length. But first, try these CLIC problems and have a go at the Google form! For the counting one, please try counting in 25s (add 20 then 5), 250 or 2500. 



CLIC challenge


Please watch the following video to find out about your tasks for today.

Y2 length word problems


  1. What is the combined length of the watering can and the poppy?
  2. The spade is 26cm taller than the plant. How tall is it?
  3. The holly bush is half as tall as the table. How tall is it?
  4. The rose bush is twice as tall as the poppy. How tall is it?
  5.  Have a go at writing your own questions about length, using addition, fractions or doubling. You could use my garden items or your own!


Extra hot!!

  1. What is the combined length of the wall and the plant pot (remember to convert the metres into cm!)
  2. What would be the length of two plant pots? What about three?
  3. The holly bush is half as tall as the wall. How tall is it in cm?
  4. The rose bush is three times as tall as the poppy. How tall is it?
  5. The sunflower is 3/5 the length of the tree. How tall is the sunflower in cm?
  6. Have a go at writing your own questions about length, using addition, fractions or doubling. You could use my garden items or your own!

Have a go at a few more length word problems!

Lastly, please submit any work here:


Submit work

Monday 1st June


Welcome back Gruffawhales! We hope you've had a lovely break and enjoyed the sunshine. Please have a go at the following CLIC challenges, then fill out the Google Form.


For an extra challenge on the counting one, try counting in 250 or 2500 instead of 25 (hint: look at the zeros).



CLIC challenge


Comparing Length


Today we will be looking at and comparing length. Please have a look at the following video to find out more! 

Y2 Length

I looked at the following items in my garden. Can you put them in order from shortest to tallest/longest? (Remember 1m = 100cm!)

Have a go at the following questions. Please choose which questions you would like to do, spicy for a normal level of challenge and extra hot for more challenging questions! Please take a look at this video to recap strategies for working out these problems!

Y2 strategies



1. How much taller is the plant (60cm) than the poppy (22cm)?

2. How much taller is the poppy than the leaf?

3. What is the difference in length between the plant (60cm) and the plant pot (84cm)?

4. Jaffa says the difference between the watering can and the leaf is 39cm. Do you agree?

Extra hot!


1. How much taller is the table than the green plant?

2. How much longer is the wall (260cm) than the plant pot (86cm)?

3. What is the difference in length between the poppy and the plant pot?

4. Jaffa says the height of the tree is the same as 200cm. Do you agree? 

5. Write your own problem for a grown up or sibling, based on the things you looked at! Make it as challenging or easy as you like!


Please submit any work here: 


Submit work

Friday the 22nd of May 2020

Welcome to Friday's Big Maths everyone! Please choose your learn its, play the 90 second song and write the answers on a piece of paper. Let us begin!

Y2 learn it- 90 seconds

Big maths

CLIC sheets: You can take as much time as you like and use written and pictoral methods. Also if you have made maths manipulatives like numicon use those to check. Please choose the correct level and try to beat last week's score.


Today is the last day of the half term so we will not be adding any work to the blog until Monday 1st of June. You will still be able to have a go at the tasks we have already set if you want to catch up with any you have missed – like Mrs Chetcuti's lovely stories on the Literacy section and the Stay Active page.

Enjoy the sun and daily outdoor time. Exercise and fresh air is really good for your body and mind but just remember to social distance to keep yourselves safe.


Maybe you could look out for any wildlife you can spot while you’re out and about? Blue bells are now blooming in Sheffield and are a wonderful sight. I saw some lamas and a horse a few days ago on a walk and I know BJ has been in the rivers spotting incredible wildlife too!


Take care and bye for now – but we will be back soon with some more action packed learning for you!

Stay safe and continue to try to be golden citizens in your home,

Best wishes, The Year 2 Team

Thursday's CLIC: Grab a pencil and paper and best of luck!

Thank you LM for your toy investigation results! Also have a look on today's google forms as some questions are from children's own work.

Data Handling games!

Thursday the 21st of May 2020


Morning all! I hope you are all enjoying the sun and looking after your families. In today's data handling lesson you will see me showing you how to solve two games. Both use data handling skills but have them in levels called statistics. The second game is called, "Guardians: Defenders of Mathematica" . It is a super game which is aimed at Key Stage 2 children however, I think you have the data handling skills to succeed! Below are the links for both. Also some the of the questions are in the google forms as well.

Games:    (Statistics: Silver and Gold Level)  (Enter game and then choose the Statistics level)

Today's Data Handling google forms:

Wednesday's CLIC. Grab a pen and pencil and have a go!

Wednesday the 20th of May 2020

Hi folks, today's investigation is measuring the height of different toys! Please have a look at my video to see how we measured toys, collected data and then presented as a bar chart. Afterwards, I would like you to do your own investigation and send us some pics! Finally, the answer to yesterday's question was that I spoke with 55 people about ice cream! 

Here's the link for the bar chart maker programme but please use another method if you like!:

Toy data investigation! Part 1

Toy investigation Part 2

Thank you T BN for these brilliant pictures showing your excellent investigations and data handling skills!

Tuesday the 19th of May 2020

Good morning all! Today's clic is below. Please get a paper and pencil and try these questions. Afterwards, try the 

google form CLIC

Click on the link below to test your core maths skills

Ice Cream investigation!

Please watch my video on my ice cream flavour investigation. Also here is a fun clip of children in a class doing one but with some strange flavours!:


Also here is the link for the online bar chart maker

Today's google forms for Data handling. Also please upload any pictures of your own data handling investigations.

Monday the 18th of May 2020

Good morning all! We have really enjoyed talking to most of you on the phone. It sounds like you have been trying to be golden citizens during the last 2 months and you had some wonderful ideas for the blog! We are very proud of you. Those of you we could not speak with, will get another call this week.


Here is today's CLIC. The last challenge is a spicy one. It goes from mild to super hot!


CLIC google form! (no need to log on now!)


Data handling 18.5.20

This week we will look at data handling. We will need our organisational, creative, multiplication, addition and subtraction skills so get ready! There are a number of activities to do including a Danger Mouse challenge so make sure you read to the end of today's blog! Please watch this video below which shows a boy collecting data on the amount of goals he has scored in a week and then presenting it as a bar chart.

Now please watch my video where I show some key skills to designing and creating a bar graph (Also know as a bar chart). The key is to make sure you start at zero on the y axis and that you decide what the scale of the bar graph will be. If you are dealing with low numbers, each integer  (the lines on the scale) can be in 1s. However if you are dealing with large numbers your scale may need to be in 5s, 10s or 100s!

Please try these Google forms for Data Handling


Danger Mouse Data Handling! Monday

Today's challenge!


Please play super movers Danger mouse level 1 and 2 to help with your fitness. Then make 2 tally charts (1 for each level) and note how many times you need to duck, jump, dodge right, dodge left and strike a pose. Make a bar graph for level 1 and another for level 2. You could draw one, build it out of lego or make it on the computer.  You will need to think what scale your bar graphs will be. Then compare the bar graph. How many more times do you need to duck in level 2 compared to level 1? How many times do you need to dodge left and right in level 1? Also please make your own questions and answer them!


Here is the link to this brilliant and healthy PE game:

Now please do your own data handling investigations. You could collect and make a bar chart on the different types of toys you have, or ask and call friends and family to find out what their favourite animals are or think of your own brilliant idea!

Here are some examples

Well done SA for all your hard work on fractions!

Friday 15th May


Happy Friday! Please select your 'Learn its' task below and play the music. See how many you can complete in 90 seconds! 

Y2 learn it- 90 seconds

Big maths

Now have a go at your CLIC test. Remember, you can have as much time as you want for this but you also wouldn't be expected to get them all correct! It takes a lot of practice so don't worry if you find it hard!

Here are the Google Forms:






Lastly, here is the fun Karate Cats game. Choose 'fractions' and see how much you've learnt this week!

Great fractions work LM! Looks like a delicious unicorns picnic!

Thursday 14th May


Today we continue our fractions work, but first have a go at these CLIC challenges!

Please watch this video to see different strategies for working out non unit fractions of number. See if you can spot Jaffa hiding somewhere at the beginning!

Y2 Non unit fractions - quantities

Now please have a go at working out these problems, using one of more of the methods shown.


Whales and Mice - 3/4 of 4 = ?   3/4 of 8 = ?   2/3 of 12 = ?   2/3 of 6 = ?    2/5 of 10 = ?


Stickmen, Owls, Snakes, Foxes and Nois -  3/4 of 16    3/4 of 20 = ?     2/3 of 18 = ?    3/5 of 15 = ?     2/6 of 12 = ?

Now please have a look at this video for some extra challenges and a closer look at 1/2 and 2/4:

Please have a go at these problems linked to the video

Lastly, here are the Google forms for today!:


Thursday Maths


Submit Work

Take a look at some of the brilliant Maths work sent in from some of our marvellous Gruffawhale members!

Wednesday 13th May


Today we will be continuing our fractions work by looking at non unit fractions. But first, please have a go at your daily CLIC challenges!

The last one is an extra challenge linked to our fractions work, so don't worry if you can't do it!

Please watch the following video to find out about non unit fractions and have a go at the tasks below. Don't worry about the ones you have to colour, you could just discuss these or draw them.

Now please watch the following video to find out about my picnic(!) and to find out more about your next task. 

Y2 non unit fractions picnic

Now please try to have your own picnic and use it to explore the following non unit fractions. If you are sharing a number of objects (e.g. bananas, biscuits, make sure they can be split equally into the denominator):


2/4     2/3       2/5     3/5     4/6


Can you think of any other non unit fractions? See if you can write down 5.


Lastly, have a go at the tasks on this page to see how much you've learnt!


Here are the Google forms for today. I will start providing two which means you won't have to sign in for the quiz, you will only need to sign in to submit work (the second Google form).


Wednesday Maths


Submit work



Tuesday 12th May - please have a go at these CLIC challenges!

Recognising a third (1/3)


Please watch this video to recap recognising a third. Have a go at the fun tasks at the beginning. I like this bit as it recaps a range of past learning including time. (See how much you've remembered from a few weeks ago!)

Y2: recognise a third

Now please discuss these problems with your grown ups

Now please watch this video (me this time!) and complete the activities below. Don't worry about printing but try to draw them neatly!

Recognise a third and a quarter

Whales and Mice

Stickmen, Owls, Snakes, Foxes and Nois

Last video! - take a look at strategies for working out fractions of number, then have a go at the questions below.

finding fractions of number

Whales and Mice - 1/4 of 4 = ?   1/4 of 8 = ?   1/4 of 12 = ?   1/3 of 6 = ?    1/3 of 9 = ?


Stickmen, Owls, Snakes, Foxes and Nois -  1/4 of 20    1/4 of 24 = ?     1/3 of 12 = ?    1/3 of 18 = ?     1/3 of 21 = ?

Here is today's Google Form!

Thanks MH for sending in your amazing Shape and Learn Its work! Wow! You've been working hard!

Monday 11th May - Here are your CLIC tasks for today. Please have a go and then practise your CLIC skills on the Google form at the bottom of the page. Please also use this form to send in photos from the rest of the lesson!



This week we will be working on fractions. Today we will focus on half and one quarter. Other useful words when discussing the tasks include: whole, equal and part


For this first task please try to find things around the house that can be split in half, like paper, string, cardboard, a biscuit, some lego pieces or even a slice of bread! Please watch the video to see what to do next!

Y2: finding half and quarter

Now please watch this video to have a go at working out some fluency and reasoning problems involving halves and quarters!

Y2: Half and quarter problems

Please now have a go at discussing these problems with your grown up. Please try to give explanations for your answers wherever possible. Please feel free to try any of the questions, the groups are there as a guideline but you may wish to try them all!

Whales, Mice and Stickmen

Snakes, Owls, Foxes and Nois

Lastly, to finish off, can you have a go at this fun activity to test your fractions knowledge?


And don't forget to fill out the Google Form!

Thursday the 7th of May


Happy Thursday boys and girls! Today we have our weekly Learn its and Clic challenges. Also we will be investigating 3D shapes.

Please choose the correct learn it, put on the music below and write the answers on a piece of paper. You have 60 seconds to beat your previous score!

Big Maths... Beat That. 20 Seconds Version (please pause for 40 seconds)

CLIC challenges!

3D shapes


Today we will look at 3 dimensional shapes (3D). We can pick up 3D shapes and view them from any angle. (Remember 2D shapes are flat). Please enjoy this awesome 3D shape song which teaches you the names and where you may see these shapes in everyday life.


3D Shapes I Know (solid shapes song- including sphere, cylinder, cube, cone, and pyramid)

Now please watch my video where I talk about 3D shapes properties and attempt to play Karate Cats Shape challenge on Bronze and Silver levels!!

Karate Maths: Shape

3D Maths!

I have gone on a 3D shape hunt in my house. Here is what I found. What are their names and please send us some photos of you hunting in your own house.

Can you spot the 3D shapes at Lego land in this super clip?!

Another great 3D shapes song!!

3D shapes are not flat shapes, they are solid shapes like a football or an ice cube. Can you make yourself into a 3D shape? This is part of the Maths and Num...

Wednesday the 6th of May 2020


Hello on this glorious Wednesday Y2s!!

Here is our CLIC for today. Have your pencils and paper ready!

Today we will be looking at angles. Angles can be used to measure turn. We measure angles in degrees(°). A quarter turn is 90°, a half turn is 180°, a three quarter turn is 270° and a full turn is 360°. Can you jump in the air and spin 360°? Here is my daughter’s attempt!

Angle spins!

6th May 2020

Understanding angles

Angles are useful for 2D shapes because we can measure their corners (vertices). All squares and rectangles have 90 degree vertices. This is called a right angle. We have made some right angle checkers. Could you make some by cutting out the corner of a square or rectangle 2D face and check different items in your house?

Here is the super-soaker game where you need your angle skills to drench various people and things!:

Today's Google form. Thank you for all your replies so far!

Tuesday the 5th of May 2020

Here is today’s CLIC! Please try these fact families and adding in tens!

Thank you EG for your super arrays work!

Today's 2D shape work

Please take part in this 2D shape game show. The host seems like a very funny man!

Please watch a clip of dancers making different 2d shapes. Can you spot what they are?

What 2D shapes can you spot? Once you have completed these games please draw your own picture with 2D shapes hidden in it! Please put them on today's google form!

Please look at these famous buildings. What 2D shapes do you see on the faces of these structures?

Here is an irregular 2D polygon shape challenge. Can you make your own one afterwards? Remember a pentagon has five sides.

Today I would like you to try these awesome games to test and revise your knowledge of 2D polygon shapes which are regular (all the sides and angles are the same length) and irregular (sides and angles are different).

For the next game, please start at the triangle level and end at the octagon level. Good luck space explorers!

Also if you want more practise identifying shapes please play this fun shape monster game!:

Finally, here is a super symmetry game to revise your symmetry skills. Can you take pictures of any shapes which are symmetrical or not symmetrical (asymmetrical)?

Tuesday's Google Form!

Monday the 4th of May

Hello Gruffalos. Today we first have our Clic session to wake up your brain and revise our key maths skills. Please have a paper and pen ready and pause the video at anytime.

Monday's CLIC!

Here is the link for the super times table cat game. You can play this on a computer, tablet or phone! Which level can you get to?

Y2: 2D Shapes

Our maths lesson today is all about 2D shapes (2 dimensional). Please watch my short video (Sorry about the upside down bit at the end!) where we look at the key properties of 2D shapes. Also here is a great BBC Bitesize Clip and game:

BBC Bitesize Geometry // Shapes - 2D Shapes

The Properties of 2D shapes

Our last activity today is to go on a 2D shape walk. What 2D shapes or 2D faces of objects can you see? Here is what I found around my home!