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A Big Thank you from everyone at Walkley Primary

This morning’s Talent show has confirmed what I have seen in abundance this school year from your wonderful children. Not just an array of talent, but care and attention to detail, dedication and resilience to perfect performance. The quality of children’s efforts has been amazing.


What is very clear as well, and something that is so befitting of the culture and ethos of Walkley Primary, is the respect and encouragement the children are receiving from the pupils in the audience. They are so appreciative of each other and enjoying celebrating each other’s’ achievements.


It’s been a wonderful week in school, following on from 6 fantastic shows last week and a special Christmas Fair organised with such important help from our parents and friends of Walkley. I’m sure many of you will have seen the confidence and expressive ability of our pupils’ performances. Also, this week we have welcomed Father Christmas to Walkley, delivering presents for the pupils to share in class. when asked by Santa what they could give to others for Christmas your children showed they truly understand what a Golden Citizen is by replying that they could give ‘a hug’, ‘friendliness’, ‘joy’ and ‘love’. It’s fair to say Santa was very moved by the welcome he got from the pupils and staff, and for the warmth that he felt on his journey around the classes.


For children to develop these special traits of kindness in their actions and words, takes everyone working together and so, as we do in assembly, I would like to offer my thanks to you our parents and carers with a very big WHOOSH, as well as a great big YEE HA! To our fabulous staff and of course the children, who are undoubtedly what makes this school so special. Let’s give them a SUPER HERO!


If you are celebrating Christmas over the holidays, may it be very merry and I wish us all a healthy and happy new year.


Yours sincerely

Mr Wallis