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A King's Coronation Capsule

To mark the historic occasion of King Charles III coronation, the pupils of Walkley Primary School have been busy creating the contents for a time capsule to be planted within the grounds of the school. The children have been writing letters to future pupils of the school and producing pictures for the children to unearth in years to come. During an assembly today, the pupils presented their work to Mr Wallis who carefully, with the help of the Chair of the School Council, secured the time capsule and using gloves (to help with the preservation of the contents of the capsule) rolled and then placed the items inside. 


The children's work was fantastic; fit for a King! During our assembly, we discussed what to expect from tomorrow's hugely significant coronation ceremony and when we might suggest to the future custodians of our school would be a suitable time to dig up the capsule and explore its contents.


Here are some pictures of the assembly and the children's work.