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Champion Sprinter Beth Dobbin To Visit Walkley on 21st September

Walkley are very pleased to inform you that on the morning of 21st September we will be hosting a famous athlete. Her name is Beth Dobbin and she currently holds the British record for the women’s 200m sprint! On this morning, she will be spending time with each class and doing some exercise. Then, she will do a whole school assembly informing the children about herself, her experiences and how to lead a healthy lifestyle.


During the morning, Beth will be conducting 4 different exercises with the children to see how many of each exercise they can do in 1 minute.  A sponsor form is attached for you to fill out and help raise money for these exercises. Beth’s aim is to inspire and give tips on how to succeed in every aspect of life including teamwork, responsibility, communication and creativity. The money raised will partly go to supporting fund the athletes living, training and travel costs along with 60% of the money raised going back into school.