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Children In Need Day at Walkley Primary School

Throughout the week since Pudsey Bear came to meet the children in Breakfast Club and attend the EYFS / KS1 Golden Award Assembly the School Council have been selling Pudsey merchandise to pupils in school. The pupils sold out of the bands, ears and badges. Valuable work for the CIN charity.


Also, the School Council arranged a wonderful day at Walkley Primary School, raising awareness and money for a very important charitable cause. On Children In Need Day this year, pupils could attend school in colourful outfits; many choosing yellow clothes with spots!!


The activities throughout the day included an obstacle course live-stream for staff. The speediest member of staff was Miss Kendall. Congratulations!


At lunch time, children completed an obstacle course of their own. This was run brilliantly by the Y6 Sports Leaders; pupils had a great time! Pupils also had their faces painted whilst completing a treasure hunt or dancing to Mr Butler's dance anthems!


In class, pupils attempted to bounce ping pong balls into cups in a Pudsey Pong challenge and then relaxed as the Executive School Council and Class Representatives created a story time for our EYFS and KS1 pupils. There were also lots of arts and crafts in classrooms.


Throughout the day pupils were reminded of the charitable work of Children In Need and through a Moodbusters Class Session pupils' mental health and wellbeing was promoted. 


Thank you School Council for organising such a wonderfully exciting and important day for everyone whilst raising a significant amount of money for a very good cause.


On the day you managed to raise an amazing £726.97