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Golden Award Winners 11/05/18

Golden Citizens

Elmers: Carra C

Seashells: Maria H

Hungry Caterpillars: Blake J

Anansi: Dexter S

Smartest Giants: Brooke B

Gruffalos: Yahya S

Aslans: Ahmed S

Fantastic Foxes: Sulaiman M

Charlies: Ruben D

Skywalkers: Hayley L

Kensukes: Dailen S


Whizzy Worker

Seashells: Alfie W

Hungry Caterpillars: Archie H

Anansi: Leo W

Smartest Giants: Lily M

Gruffalos: Lily R

Aslans: Rishik N

Fantastic Foxes: Xanthe S

Charlies: Ebony E

Skywalkers: Rania H

Kensukes: Sontanna S


Behaviour Superstar


Hungry Caterpillars: Gretel M  

Anansi: Dexter S

Smartest Giants: Noel M

Gruffalos: Sebastian M

Aslans: Robbie W

Fantastic Foxes: Aaliyah G 

Charlies: Harrison R

Skywalkers: Amarn K

Kensukes: Kenny-John H


Attendance Awards

EYFS/KS1: Smartest Giants with 98.5%

KS2: Fantastic Foxes with 99.3%