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Golden Award Winners 12/01/18

Golden Citizens

Seashells: Alfie W

Hungry Caterpillars: Athena DC 

Anansi: Ronnie C

Smartest Giants: Willow G

Gruffalos: Pranav P

Aslans: R'Sharn H

Fantastic Foxes: Sulaiman M

Charlies: Emma F

Skywalkers: Yacine L

Kensukes: Eden S


Whizzy Worker

Seashells: Hasan A

Hungry Caterpillars: Thomas L

Anansi: Samuel D

Smartest Giants: Rashed A

Gruffalos: William H

Aslans: Aaliyah F

Fantastic Foxes: Paignton S

Charlies: Latiqua C

Skywalkers: Huda A

Kensukes: Yvette F


Behaviour Superstar

Seashells: Angie O

Hungry Caterpillars: Rose P 

Anansi: Seth B

Smartest Giants: Wentworth H

Gruffalos: Battal A

Aslans: Malak G

Fantastic Foxes: Jemima S

Charlies: Daniel P

Skywalkers: Rania H

Kensukes: Dilan A


Headteacher's Award

Robbie W for astounding scientific knowledge!


Attendance Awards

EYFS/KS1:  Gruffalos with 98.3%

KS2: Charlies with 95.6%