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Golden Award Winners 18/05/18

Golden Citizens

Elmers: Quillan P

Seashells: Danah A

Hungry Caterpillars: Heidi H

Anansi: Matilda V

Smartest Giants: Wentworth H

Gruffalos: Caitlin A

Aslans: Jaber A

Fantastic Foxes: Jamal M

Charlies: Katie H

Skywalkers: Emma H

Kensukes: Bader A


Whizzy Worker

Seashells: Samuel M

Hungry Caterpillars: Joseph M

Anansi: Mae H

Smartest Giants: Thomas D

Gruffalos: Waad M

Aslans: Malak G

Fantastic Foxes: Reuben B

Charlies: Brogan S

Skywalkers: Lazea A

Kensukes: Lineysha G


Behaviour Superstar

Seashells: Zain B

Hungry Caterpillars: Gretel M  

Anansi: Imogen R

Smartest Giants: Beth W

Gruffalos: Kyro B

Aslans: Vanessa S

Fantastic Foxes: Adam C 

Charlies: Emma F

Skywalkers: Uno T

Kensukes: Madeleine W


Headteacher Award

Y6 for a fantastic attitude to SATs


Attendance Awards

EYFS/KS1: Anansi with 95.4%

KS2: Charlies with 98.0%