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Golden Award Winners 20/09/19

Golden Citizens

Seashells: Vincent B

Hungry Caterpillars: Emily M

Anansi: Kristal TW

Smartest Giants: Sophia L

Gruffalos: Laurel M

Storm Whales: Essa H

Aslans: Olivia B

Charlies: Rashed A

Fantastic Foxes: Heather P

Skywalkers: Evie W

Varjak Paws: Ethan M

Kensukes: Abdulla Z


Whizzy Worker

Seashells: Hugo H

Hungry Caterpillars: Lewis B

Anansi: Damon K

Smartest Giants: Nieve M

Gruffalos: Waleed M

Storm Whales: Martha H

Aslans: Thomas D

Charlies: Wentworth H

Fantastic Foxes: Yahya S

Skywalkers: Evie F

Varjak Paw: Robbie W

Kensukes: Ethan L

Behaviour Superstar

Seashells: Ewan R

Hungry Caterpillars: Joseph L

Anansi: Isobel L

Smartest Giants: Quillan P

Gruffalos: Rares M

Storm Whales: James D

Aslans: Thomas L

Charlies: Joseph M

Fantastic Foxes: William H

Skywalkers: Aaliyah G

Varjak Paws: Leila J

Kensukes: Ava H


Headteacher Award Winners

Aslans for returning all 28 Home Learning books this week.


Attendance Award Winners

EYFS/KS1 winner for week 09/09/19 to 13/09/19 is Storm Whale with 100%.

KS2 winners for week 09/09/19 to 13/09/19 are Aslan and Fantastic Foxes with 100%