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Golden Award Winners 25/01/19

Golden Citizens

Seashells: Kara C

Hungry Caterpillars: Adam AK

Anansi: Alfie W

Smartest Giants: Safwaan A 

Gruffalos: Gretel M

Storm Whales: Rio C

Aslans: Yahya S

Fantastic Foxes: Alina AH

Charlies: Amber G

Skywalkers: Hafsah A

Kensukes: Sabiha A


Whizzy Worker

Seashells: Luke M

Hungry Caterpillars: Mehtiali K

Anansi: Archie H

Smartest Giants: Mohammed AN

Gruffalos: Alex A

Storm Whales: Raiyaan T

Aslans: Olivia H

Fantastic Foxes: Ilyas S

Charlies: Yaseen I

Skywalkers: Ebony E

Kensukes: Christopher L

Behaviour Superstar

Seashells: Sophia L

Hungry Caterpillars: Olivia B

Anansi: Danah A

Smartest Giants: Rose P

Gruffalos: Kaleb P

Storm Whales: Sammy D

Aslans: Caitlin MA

Fantastic Foxes: Evie F

Charlies: Logan DC

Skywalkers: Zion S

Kensukes: Faris A


Headteacher's Award

Y4 for their excellent behaviour, attitude and engagement on the Royal Armouries trip.


Attendance Award Winners

EYFS/KS1 winner for week 014/01/19 to 18/01/19 is Gruffalos with 98.6%.

KS2 winners for week 14/01/19 to 18/01/19 is Charlies with 98.6%