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Golden Award Winners 26/03/18

Golden Citizens

Seashells: Alia N

Hungry Caterpillars: Basel D

Anansi: Aishanur B

Smartest Giants: Layla M

Gruffalos: Grace F

Aslans: Tiphaine S

Fantastic Foxes: Eli M

Charlies: Ethan M

Skywalkers: Uno T

Kensukes: Hussain A


Whizzy Worker

Seashells: James D

Hungry Caterpillars: Safwaan A

Anansi: Ishak C

Smartest Giants: Isabella B

Gruffalos: Abdulrahman A

Aslans: Evie F

Fantastic Foxes: Alex D

Charlies: Dema A

Skywalkers: Hamza S

Kensukes: Negat S


Behaviour Superstar

Seashells: Thea B

Hungry Caterpillars: Amelia H  

Anansi: Ronnie C

Smartest Giants: Adjei A

Gruffalos: William H

Aslans: Alina AH

Fantastic Foxes: Logan DC 

Charlies: Charlie L

Skywalkers: Lili-Mae H

Kensukes: Oyinkan F


Headteacher Award

Yaganesh G for beautiful art work and supporting others at lunchtime.


Attendance Awards

EYFS/KS1: Gruffalos with 100%

KS2: Fantastic Foxes with 100%