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Golden Award Winners 28/02/20

Golden Citizens

Seashells: Eva W

Hungry Caterpillars: Prentice O 

Anansi: Hannan M

Smartest Giants: Jake Y 

Gruffalos: Rares M

Storm Whales: Samuel M

Aslans: Thomas D

Charlies: Hayden L

Fantastic Foxes: Bedih K

Skywalkers: Max F

Varjak Paws: Leila J

Kensukes: Alex F


Whizzy Worker

Seashells: Agatha C

Hugry Caterpillars: Elliott C

Anansi: Elsie-Mae C

Smartest Giants: Noah B 

Gruffalos: Blake J

Storm Whales: Ibrahem GO

Aslans: Leo W

Charlies: Wareef A

Fantastic Foxes: Courtney H

Skywalkers: Yaseen I

Varjak Paws: Clay W

Kensukes: Abdullah Z

Behaviour Superstar

Seashells: Hugo H

Hungry Caterpillars: Jessica C

Anansi: Aidan J

Smartest Giants: Frank S 

Gruffalos: Laurel M

Storm Whales: Daisy H

Aslans: Skye C

Charlies: Brooke B

Fantastic Foxes: Hannah M

Skywalkers: Arijus S

Varjak Paws: Kaiden B

Kensukes: Sol J


Headteacher Award

Maria J for showing incredible kindness to the other children whilst on residential


Attendance Award Winners

EYFS/KS1 winner for week 10/02/20 to 14/02/20 is Anansi with 100%

KS2 winner for week 10/02/20 to 14/02/20 is Charlies with 98.0%