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Hold the Drama Performance for Year 4 and Year 5

This morning our Y4 and Y5 pupils were treated to a drama and musical performance by 'Hold the Drama'. A company introduced to us by our Music partner Sheffield Music Hub.


In the performance, the actors/musicians played characters in a musical ensemble, displaying their emotions through the music they played and the way they acted. Central to the story were the thoughts and feelings of the individuals within the group and how they developed their ability to allow others to be who they wanted to be within the group; showcasing their own style and talent. Yes, there were ups and downs (a rollercoaster said Alfie W Y5), but by the end, they were a collective of individual styles that complimented each other to make great music that all participants could enjoy.


A great metaphor for our wonderful school and the nurturing of our friendships.


The Musicians commented on the children's incredible emotional intelligence. It was clear to see the culture of the school in our pupils' intuitive questions and comments in the discussions that followed the performance.