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How to support with Home Learning

One of the challenges we face at the moment is trying to be productive in our jobs whilst working at home and yet also trying to keep our children doing something productive (or at least occupied!). This is a frequent reason that parents and carers are getting in touch with school in terms of asking how to best manage the situation. We want to reiterate that it is perfectly normal to find this balancing act incredibly difficult! Whatever happens, remember that whenever children come back to school, we will get them back on track.


We know as parents and teachers that it is easier to generate enthusiasm for learning when you are working with a larger group of children than it is with a small group of your own children at home. However, you are managing it, and however it feels, please remember that you are doing the best job that you can do. This situation is unprecedented and so please be kind to yourself and don’t feel guilty if it’s proving difficult.


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