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Individual and Family Photographs - 10th November 2022

On Thursday 10th November we will be having our photo day.  We will be using Tempest again for our individual pupil photos this year. Proofs will not be sent home on the day but will follow when we receive them. As always there is no obligation to buy any photo should you not wish to. Photos will be available to purchase through the Tempest Website or through school.


Although there is no obligation to buy photographs, in order to simplify the organisation in school, ALL children attending will have a photograph taken.


Individual photos of all children will be taken during the school day. We ask that all children wear school code of dress on this day. Classes with PE on the day will be able to do PE in their school uniform.


Photographs will begin with the nursery pupils.


We ask that for nursery parents whose child does not attend the Thursday morning session, but would like an individual photo to be taken, to bring their child to nursery before 9.00am. Your child can enter Nursery in the normal way to have their photograph taken and we will make arrangements for you to wait in the Nursery yard. We would expect your child returned to you by approximately 9:20am, when you can then take your child home.


Also, this year we are able to offer sibling/family photos and these will take place from 7.30am to 8.30am in the Dance Studio. There will be two photographers and there will be a queuing system in operation.  Access to school will be through the main school gates and you should use the path around the school to queue for the family photos outside the dance studio.  Please arrive in plenty of time to allow for waiting times as we will not be able to go beyond 8.30am for these photos.  All children must be accompanied by an adult for this session and supervised at all times.


Thank you