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Online Safety Week - 8th to 12th October 2018

Throughout the school year and within cross-curricular themes, pupils will enquire and discuss the issues of Personal, Social and Health Education and their relevance for being safe online.Β 


The theme for this term's online safety is fake news and the use of prejudice and persuasion in the media and online.Β The example of Woody's Trial, from Toy Story, gives us a way in to discuss how people form opinions about things that have/haven't happened and form assumptions on people's character based on hearsay.Β 

Children will conduct class discussion about what happened. Who saw what? Which characters were quick to judge? Who was easily influenced? Should we believe everything we see, hear or are told? What is Fake News?


For more information about the PSHE and online curriculum and to see examples of children's work around this theme, click below: