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PUNCTUALITY WEEK - 12th to 16th MARCH 2018

Punctuality Week

12TH – 16TH March 2018

Next week is Punctuality Week at Walkley Primary School. Every punctual day, next week, your child will receive a sticker towards completing their Punctuality Booklet. A completed booklet will guarantee every 'punctual pupil' a treat at the end of the week. Let's access every moment of learning.


Tips for Getting To School On Time:

Get your uniform and shoes ready the night before


Set your alarm to give you plenty of time to get ready in the morning


Get a good night’s sleep


Get up when your alarm goes off or when you are told to


Follow adult instructions


Allow yourself plenty of time to get to school for 8:45am


Come straight to school, do not hang around outside school premises waiting for friends


Reasons to be early

You will have time to chat to friends and make new ones


You will be organised and prepared to start your school day promptly


You will not get a late mark in the register


You will not miss any school work


You will feel confident coming into the classroom


You will be doing the right thing


8.40am. an adult will be on duty on Tennyson Yard

8.50am. doors open in Burnaby Building 


School starts at 8.50am.