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Remote Learning During Lockdown – Accessing Teacher Feedback

Dear parents and pupils,


It’s fantastic to see the work you are doing at home. We can see how hard you are working, it keeps us motivated when we see your efforts and achievements with the work that we have set. The teachers who set your work on the school website are working from home to produce, record, edit, and direct the videos you see every day. It’s your teachers that set your activities and create the Google quizzes and Google forms you use in your learning.


We appreciate how difficult it can be to complete all your learning and then upload it for the teachers to see and we thank everyone who is using the Google Forms and quizzes on the Blog.

Mr Murphy has produced a short video that explains how to get daily feedback from your teacher using the Google quizzes. We hope it provides you with a quick and easy way to get feedback from your teacher on the work you have done at home.


How to access teacher feedback on Google forms