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Dear Parents and Carers

School Closure Today Monday 29th November 2021


We have assessed the school site this morning and can report that the site cannot be made safe due to compacted ice on school grounds and the surrounding roads.  This means that school will be closed today, Monday 29th November 2021.  A combination of the snowfall yesterday afternoon, the below freezing temperatures overnight and the forecast predicting continued sub zero temperatures means yesterday's gritting had no effect and the risk of injury is too great.  Additionally, the risk to staff, pupils and families of travelling into the area, particularly given the bus strike, presents additional risk.


I apologise for the disruption that this will cause and thank you all for your support and understanding.  Hopefully, the weather forecast will be right about the temperature rising later on and we will be able to make the site accessible and safe today, which will mean that we will be back to normal tomorrow.