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Spend a Penny, Spend £304.35

Thank you all so much for your fundraising efforts this week. On Wednesday we had our Harvest Assembly and all children and staff were invited to wear blue for the day (not necessarily school uniform)!

This fantastic charity helps those in desperate poverty to have access to a proper latrine, clean water and the information they need to be healthy. Our donation of £304.35 enables us to be twinned with some toilets that have been built in an area of poverty to improve the life of all those living there.

For just a £60 donation we can twin our loo with an impoverished family’s household latrine. For a £240 donation, we will be able to twin with a school block or a block of toilets in a displacement camp. A donation of over £300 means we can now make a real difference to the lives of whole communities.

Congratulations and thanks for your generosity and support.