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Walkley Primary School new build update 24/01/20

It has been a very productive week for the builders on site this week extending the haul road to the new school site. Earthwork is well underway, one of the major works involved in the new road construction involves the removal of topsoil, along with any vegetation and trees, between Burnaby and Tennyson, before scraping and grading the area to the required level. It's been very exciting to see the excavator and dumper trucks on site with the road already stretching down to the MUGA in preparation for the construction of the school building.


Interserve have secured the site for the new school and added barriers across Majuba Street and the path from Whitehouse Lane to avoid any further confusion on access through the building site. Thank you for your patience during the changes to these arrangements. They will remain for the foreseeable future and certainly during the construction of the new school.


Here are some pictures of the developments this week.