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Walkley Primary School Progress Awards 2019

Golden Citizen Award:

Seashells: Rose W

Hungry Caterpillars: Calliope D

Anansi: Muhammed Ali A

Smartest Giants: Mohammed AN

Gruffalos: Alice S

Storm Whales: Athena DC

Aslans: Hannah M

Fantastic Foxes: Alex DC

Charlies: Hafsa C

Skywalkers: Noel B

Kensukes: Sophia J


Progress in Reading:

Seashells: Holly D

Hungry Caterpillars: Methi K

Anansi: Rares M

Smartest Giants: Martha H

Gruffalos: Leo W

Storm Whales: Ned M

Aslans: Moses S

Fantastic Foxes: Sophia Z

Charlies: Xanthe S

Skywalkers: José M

Kensukes: Sumaya A


Progress in Writing:

Seashells: Ava Leigh N

Hungry Caterpillars: Adam AK

Anansi: Amelia H

Smartest Giants: Alia N

Gruffalos: Olivia B

Storm Whales: Ronnie C

Aslans: Caitlin MA

Fantastic Foxes: Aaliyah F

Charlies: Logan DC

Skywalkers: Brogan S

Kensukes: Huda A

Progress in Maths:

Seashells: Summer H

Hungry Caterpillars: Noah B

Anansi: Blake J

Smartest Giants: Thea B

Gruffalos: Gretel M

Storm Whales: Lily M

Aslans: Sara M

Fantastic Foxes: Dante B

Charlies: Rawan H

Skywalkers: Lacie F

Kensukes: Emma H


Attendance Award Winners

EYFS/KS1 winner for school year 2018/2019 is Gruffalos with 97.1%.

KS2 winner for school year 2018/2019 is Fantastic Foxes with 97.1%