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What a fabulous first week back at school

It has been a wonderful week in school. Congratulations to all our pupils, you are definitely in the Learning Zone! Many thanks to our parents too for your support of the school as we establish the new school timetable and collection arrangements at the end of the school day. It's easy to forget that in our new school building there are still so many things that are new to us all; changing procedures, activities and events. 


Also, thank you for your response to our request for adherence to the school code of dress. It is something we believe is important for our school community. If we can support parents with this request please let us know. We have a bank of pre-worn clothes left over from the Summer Fair stall that are ready for a new home.


Tomorrow sees the return of Golden Awards Assembly and I cannot wait to share the successes of the children with you in the traditional Walkley way.


Kind regards

Mr Wallis