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What A Fantastic Day Out At Warwick Castle For Y4

We were treated to a fantastic day out yesterday at Warwick Castle with the fabulous Year 4s. Setting off from school with an early start of 8.30am the children chatted and played Top Trumps (Monarchy Version) on the coach on the way to the castle. We arrived just after 10.30am and headed for the imposing castle entrance. we walked, via the main courtyard, to the bank opposite the magnificent Warwick Castle Trebuchet and watched the Trebuchet Show whilst having lunch. Then we set off for the King Maker and Time Tower Attractions before watching the first of two Bird of Prey Displays. This was particularly exciting, as powerful yet agile predators flew within inches of our heads, in a show of menacingly beautiful falconry.

The trip wouldn’t have been complete without a walk along the castle ramparts and up high into Guy’s Tower where we could view the castle from up high and see the snaking proximity of the Avon river.

The children had a brilliant time and even though the journey home was unexpectedly long and frustrating, the children remained upbeat having had a day to remember.

Well done to the staff on the trip and all the staff in school who along with our patient Year 4 parents ensured the children will have memories to cherish forever.