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Year 5 Tudor Museum

Today, our fabulous Year 5 children dressed up in their Tudor finery to educate all the Walkley children who visited the Tudor museum. All classes were able to visit 3 areas of the school dedicated to aspects of Tudor teaching. In the dance studio, visiting classes were able to watch Year 5 children perform an expressive dance  telling the story of Henry VIII and reflecting traditional Tudor dancing. In the creative zone, year 5 children taught the school about Tudor houses, use of herbs by Tudors, what a traditional Tudor feast would look like and also showcased some Tudor based stop-go animations. Finally, the children could visit a classroom displaying lots of art work and written work about Tudor times and find out information from the very knowledgeable Year 5 children as well as explore Tudor artefacts. Well done to all the Year 5 children and staff, you shared your expertise so well and gave all the Walkley children an experience to remember.