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Routines and Timetables

In Walkley Primary School we follow set routines each day. We use a range of strategies to communicate these to the children and to support their settling in.


Interactive Visual Timetable

Every classroom has its own visual timetable, where we show the children what is taking place on that day. Once an activity has taken place we remove this visual and move on to the next. This is helpful to create a sense of time passing and helping children know what is coming up next and what they can expect.


Now and Next Board (or First and Next Board)

For some children we also offer an individual visual timetable and/or a Now and Next Board. The timetable gives the child the overview of the day and the board shows the child what they need to do now and then what will come next. An adult in the classroom goes through the board with the child and helps direct them to their task.

We can use these boards to help children who may find it challenging to focus in school or for children who may find uncertainty stressful. The timetable helps to reassure children of the routine and enables them to be more aware and have ownership on their routines in their day.


Visual Timetable for home use

Visual timetables are a resource that children in school are used to. They can also be used at home by parents and carers to set routines and support children at times of change or transition such as holidays or the morning routine.


Holiday and Weekend Routines.

Parents can use the timetable to show the different activities coming up during the weekend, to chunk up the time and let their child see what is taking place next. Parents report that this can help their child feel calmer and more settled.   


Morning Routines

Visual timetables can also be very useful at times where a set routine in needed.  They can be used in the evening or before school to support the child getting ready for school. This can be particularly helpful for children who may struggle with the morning routine and need some additional support . 


Below are some visual timetable resources that parents can use to make their own visual timetables and a Now and Next Board.