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Hello! Well last week I asked you to predict what you thought would happen to the flowers in the coloured water. You were right. The water travels up to the flower and changes colour. Some of the flowers didn't work and I'm not sure why, however the flowers in the purple and yellow water worked really well.

Did you have a go? Don't forget to send your pictures.

Flower Investigation

Beans Day 8

Science Flower Investigation

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Wednesday 17th June

Morning Year 2’s

I hope you have all had a good week. I was so pleased my beans have started to grow! I will take a few more pictures and post them and I will then pot my seeds into plant pots with soil so that they can continue to grow. Why don’t you have a go at creating a bean diary using your own seeds or using my pictures to write about what happened when we grew a ‘bean in a bag.’ I’d love to see your work so please attach it or send some pictures.

This week I am doing a fun investigation involving some white flowers.  I am going to place single white flowers into a jar with water. I am going to add a small amount of food colouring into each jar of water. I would like you to make a prediction about what you think is going to happen. I have attached a Google form for you to do this. Please explain your ideas fully giving reasons or evidence for this. Then watch and see ill post pictures to show you what happens.


Step 1: Add different coloured food colouring to a jar filled with water

Step 2: Cut your flower stem at an angle and place in jar

Step 3: Watch and see what happens


You could give this experiment a go, you could use white flowers like I did or you could have a go with something else, a different type of flower or use a vegetable such as celery or cabbage leaves. Send me your pictures.





Great to see JD in his allotment. You will be an expert in growing plants.

So here is the progress so far. I have had the seeds by the window so they are in direct sunlight. I am so pleased they are starting to grow!!


Day Two

 Nothing happening yet!


Day 3

We have a shoot!!!




Day Four

More shoots and getting bigger!!



Day Six

Lots happening now. Most of the seeds have started to shoot and you can even see the leaves starting to grow!





Wednesday 10th June

Good morning, I hope you are all okay, I’m missing you all lots and I am very proud of all the hard work you have been doing at home.

Last week we started to think about plants, you shared some great knowledge with me,  so well done. I have attached a link to a short video about the parts of a plant and the how they grow. There is also a short quiz for you to do.


Today we are going to have a go at growing a bean in a bag! Sounds crazy but if it works it’s a great way to watch the process of a seed growing. It’s not really the right time to be growing beans but I thought we could have a go anyway!

I will be using: clear food bag, kitchen paper or paper towel,  seeds,  and water

We don’t need soil!!! Last week I asked what we needed to grow a plant and soil was one of the answers. Our bean will eventually need to be put in soil to continue growing but the seed can begin to grow without it. We normally don’t get to see the process of a seed sprouting as it is usually hidden under the soil. This is why growing a bean in a bag is a great way to learn.

If you can’t have a go at this yourself then don’t worry, Just answer the questions on the Google form then keep looking out for the regular updates I will post, showing you the progress of my seed and any changes that may be taking place.


Science Bean in a Bag

Love this short video created by MH to show the process of a plant growing and the different parts of a plant. Well done, very creative and great use of ICT skills. Great work!!

Parts of a Plant

Wednesday 3rd June

Good Morning Year 2’s. I hope you had a lovely break and enjoyed some of the lovely weather we have had.

Over the last few weeks I have been on some lovely walks and whilst out I have noticed how green everything is and how many flowers are growing. Our summer topic is plants and growing so we are going to start our topic with a bit of research and sharing the knowledge you already have.

Over the next few weeks I will be planting some seeds and we will be observing how they grow. If you can get hold of some seeds and planting materials that’s fantastic but if you can’t then you can enjoy watching the progress of my plants!! I just hope they grow as I’m not very ‘green fingered!’

Today I want you to watch the clip attached and then complete the google form, telling me what you already know and answering the questions given.  There is a second google form for you to upload a picture. I would like you to draw and label the parts of a plant. Good luck.


Just for fun: Here is a link to a flower hunt.  If you go on a walk you can look for the different flowers and tick them off when you find them. How many will you find?


2nd google form for drawings

science Growing Plants 1

Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube.

When speaking to BJ on the phone he asked for this super science game to put on the blog so here it is!


Wednesday 20th May

Good morning year 2’s. This week we are going to do a really exciting and interesting experiment. We are going to make our own lava lamp! It is really simple and fun to do and the results are really ‘cool!’ Keep watching as our first attempt didn’t go as planned!! We had to do it again

I hope you enjoy it as much as we did. Have a go if you can or just enjoy the video and answer the questions.




1. Fill bottle with 1/3 water

2. Add several drops of food colouring

3. Fill the remainder of the bottle with vegetable oil.

4. Add ¼ tablet of Alka seltzer at a time and watch what happens

Lava Lamp Experiment

Monday 18th May 

Hello Year 2’s. Well done for the work you completed this week. I hope you enjoyed getting active and seeing what changes happened to your body. I have attached a short video to show you what happened to me when I completed my run.

When you exercise your heart has to work harder to push the blood round your body to the muscles that need it, therefore making your heart rate increase.

Your breathing also gets faster as the lungs work harder to take in more oxygen; waste heat is lost through sweat and may also cause a red face.  Basically your body has to work a lot harder when you exercise which is why so many changes take place.

Human Bodies POST Exercise

Wednesday 13th May


Good morning Year 2’s hope you are well and keeping safe. In science this week we are continuing with our learning on the human body. Today we will be looking at the effect of exercise on our bodies. I want you to think about all the changes that take place after you have exercised. Keeping up with fitness and exercise can be tricky when we are stuck at home but you can still keep moving even in the smallest of spaces. For today’s activity you could complete a  Joe Wicks PE, you could carry out a series of exercises, some of which I’ve included or you could take an adult out with you and go on a small run around the area you live! You can do anything that gets you moving enough so that you can recognise and record the changes that have taken place. Think about how you feel before you start exercising. As a challenge you can learn how to take your pulse.

Please have a go at filling in the google form attached.

Have fun and ill look forward to seeing all your great work.

Exercise and the Human Body

Hello, just wanted to say thank you for your work last week. I love the drawing MH and you found out some great facts about the brain.

1.The brain weighs just 1.3 kgs. 2.It's wrinkly. 3.The brain is small but it uses 20% of the bodies energy have about 70,000 thoughts each day. 5. The right side of your brain controls the left side of your body.


 Keep up the hard work everyone. I love being able to share your work and its lovely to see what you have all been getting up to.

Wednesday 6th May

Hello everyone. Hope you are all doing okay. I am missing you all lots and would love to hear how you are all getting on.

Thank you for your designs and feedback on the lunchboxes, you did brilliantly, definitely a better effort than mine!! Well done.

This week we are going back to our topic on humans and other animals. I want you to think about the ‘amazing’ human body. Can you draw round somebody or draw an outline of a person then label as many different body parts as you can? Pick one body part and learn more about it. How many interesting facts can you find out?  

Complete the Google form attached! Look forward to hearing from you.

Science Human Body Parts

Thursday 30th April

Morning Year 2's. Here's a video of me testing my lunchbox. Great work from those of you who have made your own lunchbox. I am really impressed!

Sarah lesson testing lunchbox

Wednesday 29th April

Morning Year 2’s

Your Science this week is revisiting the work you started on the lunchboxes. Your challenge is to design and make a lunchbox out of recycled material you can find around your home. Remember your lunch box needs to be waterproof and seagull proof in order for it to reach the lighthouse in one piece.  Test out your lunchbox and see if you can do better than me!! I filled my lunchbox with cookies and a sandwich, what will you put in yours?

There is a Google form for you to complete so just follow the link below.

Good luck with the challenge, I am looking forward to seeing how you get on.

Science: Making a lunchbox