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Spring 2

Friday fun day and it was Mega Move Day! Time to show our moves as we danced on the hour every hour!

The Kensukes have been preparing for writing their balanced argument discussing whether Jim Jarvis should escape from the workhouse. We discovered statistics about workhouses and used these, along with our knowledge of the text, to make arguments for or against Jim escaping from the workhouse. We worked as a group to gather and share our ideas. We can't wait to get started on our writing!

We have been reading Street Child by Berlie Doherty which is based around the main character Jim who lives in a workhouse. The story fits in with our topic on Equality for All and our current focus on enslavement. At the point we are focussing at a very emotional point where Jim's mum dies and he is left alone. We have written diary entries from Jim at this point. We worked hard to include thoughts and feelings. I think you will agree that they are incredibly emotive pieces of writing. We are so proud of the quality work you are producing Year 6!

Kensukes have been celebrating World Book Day! We created our own version of book covers and we think they look great!