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Spring 2


This week in music we have been looking at pitch. We practiced our own combinations using 'DO, RE, MI, FAR, SO, LA' and performed them at the end of our week to Heather our music teacher. 

You might recognise this from 'The Sound of Music' - Watch the video below!

"Do-Re-Mi" - THE SOUND OF MUSIC (1965)

Take a look at our Fantastic Foxes performing their scales

Design and Technology

We're learning about bridges in Charlies class.  This week, we researched the different types of bridges and found some examples of each.  We then worked in teams to create a prototype of one of these bridges.  You can see the fabulous team work and creativity taking place in these photos.

World Book Day

Friday 12th March

Today we dressed up as our favourite character from a book or in our pyjamas. We really enjoyed discussing each others costumes. We had Mrs Sian read us a story and we even had a go at making our own book in the afternoon.

Welcome to our NEW Fantastic Foxes classroom!!

You are the first class to EVER be in this classroom! Take a look around. What do you think? Can you show an adult where you sit? Some amazing learning is going to take place in here...