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Spring 1

Week 6

Thank you for a fabulous week Caterpillars :) Mrs Wallis, Mrs Nellist and I are al so proud of how brilliant you are. Yes, you might be feeling very tired and ready for a holiday... but you are such a joy! 

This week, we received our final letter from Supertato. He asked for our help to make a vegetable soup in honour of the vegetables we used for our Super Veggies. He sent us the recipe so of course we had a go... Caterpillar style! 

We worked together in our groups to all complete different tasks. We had some groups peeling, chopping, mixing, washing and sieving, stirring and crushing. Fabulous team work from all. We cooked it on the hob in the classroom and enjoyed listening to the sizzle of the onions, and smelling the garlic cooking. 

We loved watching it whizz in the blender and finally got to try it. EVERYBODY had a taste and there were only 2 crumpled faces. Well done everyone. 

The recipe was very easy... 

1 large onion

1 clove of garlic

2 medium carrots

1-2 medium potatoes

1 litre (1¾ pints) of vegetable stock

2 x 15ml spoon (tablespoon) of vegetable oil

Handful of fresh herbs (e.g. parsley, thyme leaves)

125g (5oz) of red lentils

The Caterpillars were very excited at the thought of trying it at home. 

Let us know if you do. 

Have a lovely half term. if you get up to anything fantastic... pop it on Tapestry so we can chat about it when we get back. 

Thank you all :) 


Miss Hill 

Week 5

This week, the Caterpillars have been very busy doing lots of Supertato related activites. We have enjoyed learning about positional language in Maths and Dough Disco. We have loved hiding superheroes in the garden and telling our friends where to find them using our positional language. 

We also received another letter...

The entries to the competition have been fantastic. The Caterpillars are working really hard to use their Fred Fingers to help with their writing. There are some fabulous descriptions. We can't wait to find out what Supertato would like us to do next. 


Thanks for a great week everyone! 


Miss Hill

Week 4

After reading Supertato, the Caterpillars received a letter...



Which will make the best cape?

Over the past couple of weeks the Caterpillars have been helping Mrs English to figure out which material would be the best to make a Superhero cape. 

We started off by making observations and predictions of different materials; this week we have tested our predictions. 

We chose 3 key features to test - Strength, Flyability and Is it Waterproof?

We talked about fair testing and keeping things the same and also discussed how we could record our ideas. 

Here are some picture of our Scientists in action. 

The Best Cape

Week 3

On Friday, we arrived at the forest and could hear the birds tweeting. It was suggested there were looking for some food. We looked at the environment around us and it seemed bare. The Caterpillars wanted to leave make some food for the birds. We used Cheerios, very thin twigs and string and made bird feeders. Once they were finished, we hung them in the trees to let the birds enjoy over the weekend.

On Thursday, Superhero HQ was taken over by Ninjargos. There were games of Superhero hide and seek, superhero battles, superhero cement mixing as well being superheroes, by building a bridge for the ducks to get safely across the water.

The Caterpillars enjoyed letting their imaginations run wild and exploring the environment around them. The children showed strong social and communicative skills. There was fabulous team work, leadership skills and independence from everyone. It was a real shame to leave the forest after such a lovely day discovering.

On Wednesday, we loved finding Mr Butler in the forest. He had cooked some tasty jacket potatoes on the fire. The Caterpillars weren’t convinced if they were going to like them or not, but once the children could smell them… most were convinced to try a little bit. The majority of the Caterpillars were surprised that they like it… even if they had eaten one for lunch as well.

On Tuesday, we made Superhero shields. We took a cardboard template and stuck bits of nature on to make personalised crest. There were some fabulous designs.

In the afternoon, we got an email from Superhero Headquarters. They needed our help to decorate their new accommodation. They left a recipe for Mud Paint and all of the resources we needed in the forest at lunch time. We mixed mud, water, power paint and fairy liquid together with a stick and then painted everything in sight. It looks so bright and colourful now. Good job Caterpillars.

On Monday, the Caterpillars went on a number hunt. They found lots of numbers and worked together in a group to put them in the right order. It was great to see the changes since our last visit and spot all of the diggers on our way there and back.

In the afternoon, the Caterpillars read ‘Stick Man’. They explored with a partner to create their own versions. A great first day.

Week 2

We have had a great week. We have loved watching the beginning of the building work and chatting about the different diggers we could see. The children have taken on their own building role play and are doing a very good job at building a new school for Mrs Sian in the house at the bottom of the garden. They have said that it will be finished a lot sooner than the real one... we are looking forward to the end result. 

In maths, we created repeating patterns using Boomwhackers. A crazy activity, but lots of fun. We put the colours into repeating patterns and then played the right colours in the pattern. 

In the afternoons, we explored the hero Eric Carle, and the amazing artwork he creates. We looked at many different pieces of art he created and talked about how he has the bright patterns, colours and textures. We decided to create the peacock from 'Do You Want to be my Friend?' We have used big brush strokes and collage. We can't wait to display it in the hall soon. It really is beautiful. 


A fabulous week had by all. 


Miss Hill

Let It Go

Still image for this video

Week 1

The Caterpillars have been reunited! It has been so lovely to have everyone back together and hear fabulous stories about your adventures over the break. 

This week, we have got stuck in to our new RWI groups and have done some fantastic reading and writing. We have been writing in our Golden Writing Books and drawing beautiful pictures. 

In Maths, we have been counting backwards as the first steps to taking away. We have had lots of fun pretending to be frogs as we jumped off the wall as we sang '5 Little Speckled Frogs'. Check out Tapestry to watch a speedy video of it. 


Tapestry emails have been sent out and we are loving sharing this with you. Please let me know if there are any issues and I will do my best to sort it. 


Thanks for a great week everyone! 


Miss Hill 


Look at our fabulous writing!