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Spring 1


This week in science, Anansi class were archaeologists! We had to be very careful at brushing sand away to reveal skeletons of different animals. We worked as a team to discuss which animal it could be and record our findings. At the end we compared our ideas and discussed similarities between the different kinds of animals, We found out that they belonged to different groups such as; mammal, reptile, fish, amphibian, bird and insect.

Can you remember the song we learnt?

What was the same or different about some of the animal skeletons?

Forest School!
We had an amazing week at forest school this term!

  • Firstly we explored the area, looking at seasonal changes since our last visit. We could also observe exciting building work happening on our new school build.
  • On Tuesday we then made shelters for little toy people, we had to think about how to build it so it would be sheltered and keep dry. Then adding extras such as a bedroom, garden or even decorations!
  • On Wednesday we made wind wands and discussed north, south, east west, seeing which was the wind was blowing from and to over Sheffield.
  • On Thursday we had a fire. We made and cooked chocolate bananas wrapped in foil on the fire-delicious!
  • Finally we looked at trees and their roots-could we pull one over? 


What did you enjoy doing?


 Chinese New Year


To celebrate the Chinese New Year, Amy from Dazzle Dance came in

to do some traditional Chinese dancing. The children used ribbons and fans to help them get into role, as well as performing a Chinese dragon dance. The children loved it!

Chinese dancing

Spring 1 PE-Gymnastics!


We had a great time learning about dance last term and performing in the show, now we are learning about gymnastics! I was very impressed with everyone's core strength and super gymnastic shapes!

Can you remember which you were best at and show your family? 

Which balance or shape do you need to improve?


Shapes: star, dish/superhero, straddle, pike, tuck.

V-sit, 1 foot/2 hand, 2 hand/1 foot