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Spring 1


Week 6

We have done it! Happy half term everyone. Thank you so much for all of your hard work, both in school and at home, this term. 

This week, we have loved finished off our Supertato theme with a music lesson. We enjoyed tapping out our rhythms and learning a Supertato song.  
We also had a great time with Dazzle Dance Amy doing Chinese dancing. We have a great time moving our bodies to the music. 

Have a fantastic holiday everyone. Relax, rest and get yourselves ready for our next adventure… let’s see what we will learn next. 

Miss Hill 

Week 5

It has been another busy week in Caterpillars. We are so proud of everyone for their efforts in RWI and are excited to send them off to new groups on Monday. The children are working hard with their Fred Talk and blending it back together when reading. We have also been doing lots of writing in RWI and are becoming experts at putting each sound onto our Fred Fingers and using them to help us write. This week, we had another letter from Supertato. He is so impressed with our Veggies that he wants to hold a Best Dressed Veggie Competition. We had to write our entries and send them off to be judged. The Caterpillars used their knowledge and applied it to their writing. Have a look at these amazing efforts!   

We have been ordering numbers in maths and have enjoyed mixing them up and trying again. Our maths has had a Chinese New Year theme this week and we have enjoyed playing this game.    

Well done Caterpillars! You are brilliant. Can you believe there is only one more week until the holidays.

Enjoy your weekend. 


Miss Hill 

Week 4

After a very busy weekend, our Super Veggies were looking rather tired. We thought about what would happen to the Veggies if we left them on the window sill for longer. They were going to rot. We decided the best place for them would be in the compost bin. There, they would help the plants and the flowers grow. This was the Veggies final mission. 

We peeled and chopped them up so they were the right size for our homemade compost bags. We added leaves, soil, water and newspaper into the bag and gave it a good mix. We even put a straw in the top to let the air in. We have had a think about what might happen and we are excited to see if our predictions were right! 


Week 3

What a great week making our Super Veggies. We didn't want Evil Pea to ruin our kitchens, so the Super Veggies came to the rescue. 



What fantastic designs. The Caterpillars worked hard making sure they were wearing their superhero outfits. 

Well done everyone! 


Miss Hill

Week 2

It has been lovely to get to know the Caterpillars this week.

We have been super busy helping out Supertato. He needed our help to stop Evil Pea who has been causing havoc in kitchens and classrooms everywhere. First, we designed some Super Veggies to help him. We thought about which vegetable we could use and what our Super Veggies needed to wear like belts and masks. We used our Fred fingers to write labels too. The designs look fantastic and next week we are going to make them.

We also made some traps to try and catch Evil Pea. There were lots of imaginative ideas. Well done everyone!

In maths we've been learning how to make 5 in different ways, with different combinations of numbers. We used our knowledge to spend 5p in the shop and to sort the toys. Thank you for being little superstars Caterpillars. I hope you've enjoyed your week as much as I have. 

Love Miss Baron

Week 1

Welcome back! I hope you had a lovely holiday. The Caterpillars all seem to have grown over the last 2 weeks! This week, we have jumped straight in to our superhero theme. We have talked about powers superheroes have and what they get up to. We have made our own superhero masks and can't wait for them to dry. 


In maths, we have been looking at 5 frames. We have used them for counting objects. On Friday, we started Big Maths Beat That! A favourite part of the week. The children have got their sheets in their book bags. We will do this every Friday and see if they can been their own score from the previous week. You can practise your Learn Its from the sheet to help you learn them.  

We have loved seeing Dazzle Dance Amy again! She has taught us a superhero dance which we will be practising for the next few weeks. The weather is cold outside, our challenge for the Caterpillars is to do their zips by themselves. They're doing really well and are enjoying the feeling of success when they achieve it. Keep trying at home Caterpillar, it will only get easier. 


Have a lovely weekend 


Miss Hill