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Spring 1

Week 6

The children did themselves proud at the Kingswood residential. Great team work, communication and maturity were on display as we took part in activities such as aeroball, bouldering and nightline. For Mrs Chetcuti, Miss Edge and myself it was an absolute pleasure to watch the children grow in confidence and become more independent in new surroundings during our 2 day stay. We will post more photos soon!

This term the Gruffalos have been learning and developing gymnastics skills. The Gruffalos demonstrated good balancing and climbing abilities. Please ask your child about the dish, pike, tuck, straddle and star gymnastic positions.

As we near the end of our Land Ahoy topic, the children expressed their extensive knowledge of the 5 oceans by making their own board games. Children created obstacles and successes such as "You got bitten by a Great White Shark. Go back 3 spaces!" or "You made an A.I. robot to clean the ocean. Go forward 2 spaces!" Once we have all finished, we will be able to play them and take them home!

Week 5

Thank you so much for all your home learning this week. As well as spelling shed, TT rocks stars and the mild and spicy maths activities, the Y2s were asked to design and build a submarine for our Land Ahoy topic. We have been amazed by the skill and creativity on display. Thank you once again and we look forward to the islands you are designing for next week!

The Gruffalos used impressive geography and artistic skills to design their own treasure map. As you can see the children did an excellent job including a key, a compass and interesting physical and human features.

In maths this week we have been getting to grips with division. The Gruffalos have been sharing objects and pictures and working out how many groups of 2 and 5 are in different numbers.

Week 4



Well done to the Gruffalos for studying and singing Bob Marley's "Three Little Birds". We looked at maps and images of Jamaica, found the pulse to the song, learnt the lyrics and then managed to perform the song using the xylophone, glockenspiel and recorders.

Today in maths we linked with our Land Ahoy topic and took a stand against plastic pollution. Here are the Gruffalos carefully collecting various forms of litter, collecting the data on a tally chart and then later we presented the data in bar chart form.

Week 3


Please try this fun minecraft coding activity!

Today the Gruffalos did a superb job reading music and performing "Just like that" on the recorders. Many thanks to Mrs Allenby from the Sheffield Music hub for these weekly lessons.

Week 2

The Gruffalos did an excellent job making a piece of turtle art. We researched about these incredible creatures and travelled to Malaysia, Tobago and Australia on our Land Ahoy ship. The Gruffalos used a range of techniques and media such as water colours, clay pastels and pencil.

Here are the Star Group's final draft of their octopus "article" for National Geographic Kids magazine. The children brilliantly researched, discussed, planned, drafted, edited and improved their writing.

Week 1

The Gruffalos did a skilful job coding today. We did traditional coding by creating algorithms to guide Bee Bots on our ipads but also worked as a group to teach an A.I. robot to correctly identify litter to collect in the ocean. This form of coding is called "Machine Learning".

Here are the Owl maths group doing a super job solving maths reasoning problems using money. Well done future bankers!