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Spring 1

Spring 1 week 6

The children had a lot of fun with their Chinese New Year dancing - they loved making shapes with ribbons and becoming the dragon

This week we've been reading a book about happiness in Guided Reading. The children have been doing some acting to show what makes them happy. In Science the children have been looking at various materials and describing their properties.

Spring 1 Week 5


As part of our Space topic this half - term , some of the children have brought in their astronaut helmets and jet packs they made at home. Wow! They are amazing! They were also doing some great role play about going on adventures into space.

In Guided Reading, we have been reading Little Red. We decided to do some hot seating, with Isla pretending to be the Wolf. All of the children asked really great questions and Isla played her character really well!

Spring 1 week 4

In PE this week the children have been learning to pass and stop a football. They also played 'follow the leader', where the person at the front had to lead, dribbling the ball as they went.

In Guided Reading this week, the children read a rhyming story about gender stereotypes, 'Sugar and Snails'. They enjoyed drawing their favourite parts of the story and writing some of the rhymes.

Spring 1 week 3 

The children did a great job in gymnastics this week, making various shapes with their bodies: pike, straddle, tuck, star and dish. They worked to keep their bodies stiff and straight, looking like real gymnasts!

In Guided Reading this week the children acted out the story, 'A Friend Like You'. They did a brilliant job acting out the different parts, using expression and speaking clearly to one another.

The children loved making Chinese New Year art work this week. They concentrated so well and did a fantastic job drawing and colouring tigers with pencils and pastels.

Spring 1 Week 1


This week we've had a great time in forest school, braving the cold and mud!

On Wednesday we launched our new space theme by learning some facts about the moon landing. The children then built outlines of rockets as a team and went into space, acting out the apollo 11 mission.

On Thursday we went into space again, the children pretended to be various things - aliens, shooting stars, rockets. They learnt about the earth's rotation and acted out being the earth, moving around the sun.

On Friday the children learnt how to tie knots. They really impressed us with their amazing focus and concentration and everyone managed to do it, many independently. They tied a string to a 'fishing rod' and went fishing on a far away planet. The children then described the strange alien creatures they found.