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Spring 1

Claswide Reward


The Y6s voted for an extra PE session for their classwide reward. They showed a lot of body control using gymnastic mats and the big apparatus. Great fun!



In Music this half-term, we have been reflecting upon 'Blackbird' by The Beatles, which was inspired by the death of Paul McCartney's mother. Rather than being maudlin, the song strikes an upbeat, hopeful tone, that we can all relate to needing in troubled times. Unusually, he song makes use of birdsong as a musical accompaniment. You can view our final piece by follwoing the link. As you can see, the children have really enjoyed learning this song.

Baking Bread with Gerry


We've been very fortunate to have been visited by Gerry (of Gerry's Bakery fame) during our Design & Technoogy lessons this week. We have benefitted greatly from his expertise as he has shown us how to make dough for baking bread.


The children have had a chance to taste and evaluate different types of bread. They then had the opportunity to make their own bread shapes out of bread and take them home to eat (yum).

Analysing Digital Media

We have begun our new topic in Citizenship; this half-term, we will be looking at how to critically view the content that we read online. This will range from looking at news stories to considering how people choose what they post on social media.


This week, we looked at the differences between tabloid and broadsheet newspapers and how they structure their websites, including paywalls and adverts. We also talked about the purpose behind sirring up curiosity in misleading headlines and clickbait.