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Spring 1

Welcome back! Happy new year! Feliz ano nuevo!

Count by 12s Song



In our English lessons we have started to read, "The girl who stole an elephant" by Nizrana Farook. The book is set in Sri Lanka and has a range of incredible vocabulary.


The children will write a playscript based on a part of it. 

Vocabulary from Chapter 1

In geography, the Charlies have been fascinated at how rivers form waterfalls and ox bow lakes. 

The Tallest Waterfall in the World! | Geology for Kids

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Science - This term the Charlies are learning and investigating electricity.  They had a lot of fun making circuits! 

Handball competition at Forge Valley - 6 of the year 4s went to the competition and represented Walkley! They did amazing!

Music- the Charlies have been continuing their music lessons with Joe. They are currently working on a new song!

PE- The Charlies have been working hard at their new topic, basketball! You can see all the children working hard on their dribbling skills!

ART - The Charlies have started their new topic, sculpture. The children have used the sculpting techniques (pinching, rolling, squeezing, smoothing and carving) in order to create a natural object.

CHINESE NEW YEAR DANCING WITH AMY - The year 4 children in both classes had a lovely time dancing with Amy from dazzle dance!

ENGLISH- We are still using our class book, "The girl who stole the elephant" as inspiration. We are learning about what makes a good non-chronological report in order to make our very own report based on Sri Lankan elephants (like the one in our book!). The children read a variety of reports and annotated the features.

ART - The children have been enjoying sculpture in art lessons. Here they have designed and created dragons' eyes out of clay! Aren't they impressive?

RE - The Charlies are continuing to study Buddhism. They are learning about the 8 folded path that Buddhists follow. Here are pictures of freeze frames and models demonstrating 'selfishness' and 'greed' which the Buddhists believe will cause suffering.

SPANISH - The Charlies have been learning about stationary items in Spanish. Here you can hear them speak Spanish and other children translating into English! As you can hear some are quite challenging! Wow!!

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