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Spring 1

Y1 Jolly Posties Dance performance

Here is the Posties' dance performance including dances from around the world.

Photos of the second group's dance performance.

In Science we the children have been learning about the properties of materials. We conducted an experiment to find out the best material for an umbrella for 'Ted'. Here we are testing out plastic, paper, fabric and wood to see which was the most waterproof. As a class we concluded that plastic was best because it is waterproof and flexible, although not good for the environment which is a downside!

In forest school we have been continuing our art by making rubbings of different leaves and bark. In Maths the children have been making teen numbers using long sticks for the ten and finding smaller objects for the ones. As an extension they tried to make the numerals using sticks and other objects.

This term in Computing we are learning about pictograms. This week the children made a class pictogram about travel to school by drawing pictures placing them in the correct place on the carpet. We then compared the modes of transport to see which was the most and least common.

In Gymnastic the children have been learning to make 6 shapes - pike, straddle, tuck, star, dish and arch. They have been focusing on keeping a straight back and making sure their legs and arms are also straight. They did a brilliant job at helping each other too!

In Literacy the children have loved learning our story 'Pattan's Pumpkin'. Here they are acting out the story