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Spring 1

This term it was the Jolly Posties' turn to go to the library. Charlotte the fabulous volunteer took us on a tour and then let the children explore for themselves. She also read a lovely picture book to us. I'm so happy that quite a few of you have visited the library since and have begun to use the service. On our way back we completed a geography field trip on the Walkley high street. The task was to record the types of shops we had in Walkley. The children were superbly behaved and very good at recording the data.

Year 1 Music lesson Exploring sounds "Sparkle"

This term we are exploring sounds through music. Last week we had our first year 1 lesson using xylophones. This week we have been learning the song "Sparkle"

In Science we have been learning about the properties of every day materials. The children sorted objects into different groups according to criteria such as: shiny/dull, smooth/rough. They had a go at making a venn diagram and putting objects in the middle that had both.

We have come to the end of our computing unit of 'Communicating with sound and images'. In this unit we have been listening to sounds recorded by a computer, using sound record to record our voices, editing, deleting and speeding up and slowing down recorded sounds. We have been using the camera app to take a photo, editing and changing a photo using an iPad and then presenting work to the Class.