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Spring 1

Hot or not?

Week 6

We have had a great week in Caterpillars. From exploring temperature, to reaching the end of our Class Wide Reward chart! 

We have loved playing and performing with our glockenspiels, using language of more and fewer and finishing off our Tinga Tinga art.  

We went outside in our t-shirts so it was a fair test and carried out 5 different activities to see which one made is the warmest. 

We loved our Class Wide Reward Party. We worked so hard making the gingerbread, decorating them and of course, having our Teddy Bear's Picnic whilst we eat them. 

A fabulous day!

Thank you for all of your hard work this term, Caterpillars. 

Have a great holiday and a great rest. 

See you soon!


Miss Hill 


Week 5

The Caterpillars have been great this week. We have dealt with disappointment due to the cancellation of our History Van, but that didn’t stop us. We have been looking at the story ‘Can’t you sleep little bear?’ We have explored the cave in the classroom, made lanterns and shadow puppets whilst practising our cutting skills and talked about different sources of light. 

In P.E, we visited India. We learnt a yoga pose and enjoyed moving around the cones.. we backed elephants with a long racket trunk and moved the balls around the hall. We played a game of tigers and elephants with out partners and developed our sharing and turn taking skills. 

We are learning to play the glockenspiel in our music lessons. We are working hard to play our note on the right beat. 


Still image for this video

Have a great weekend everyone.

One more week until… we are half way through our year in Caterpillars! 

Miss Hill

Week 4

We have been talking all about Africa this week. We have been reading Handa's Hen and comparing Africa to Sheffield. We looked at the weather forecast and talked about how much hotter it was in Africa. We found a themometre and a rain gauge and took them outside to talk about the temperature. 


We drew our own giraffes using a step-by-step guide. We thought carefully about how to make it fill the page. Next week we are going to paint them in the style of Edward Tinga. 

In Maths, we have been looking at different ways to make 5. We used 5 little speckled frogs to help us see that there are always 5, but 3 might be in the pond and 2 on the log. We found lots of ways to show the number 5. 

Thank you for a great week everyone! 


Miss Hill

Week 3

We had a fabulous week in the forest. We were exploring weight! We became human scales and used buckets with elastic bands to see how heavy things were. 

We enjoyed making seesaws too. 

We had a go at bark rubbing.

We also explored capacity and had a fun music lesson with the glockenspiels. 

You're amazing Caterpillars


Miss Hill

Week 2

We have explored all things ice this week! We have done 2 experiments. One to see how fast ice melted and another to see if we could create a layer of fat like a polar animal to keep us warm.

We put an in ice cube in different environments to see which one melted the ice the quickest. 

We used fat and rubber gloves on one hand to see if we could feel a difference in the temperature of the ice. We found the hand with the glove on was able to hold the ice for longer and it didn't feel as cold. We had a great time getting messy and exploring with the chilly ice. 

We have explored the arctic this week and have been looking at polar bears! Look at our fabulous writing! 

We drew another picture of ourselves. We did this at the beginning of Autumn term and wow... you can see how much we have learnt! Well done Caterpillars.  

Have a great weekend 


Miss Hill

Week 1

We have loved reading a new book this week 'The things I love about trees.' 

It talks about the changes in the season and how they affect the trees. We made our own tree and included a trunk, leaves, and roots. 

In music, we enjoyed exploring pitch. We became conductors and took our voices on a journey of high and low sounds. 


Still image for this video

In maths, we have been subitising number to 5. This is looking at an amount and knowing how many are there without counting. 

Have a great weekend! 


Miss Hill