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Spring 1

Y2 have rounded off their 'Land Ahoy' theme by investigating items found in some mystery suitcases, to see which islands they were off to. The children had great fun using their inference and Geography skills to work it out and after lots of investigation had a really good, educated guess at their island!

In forest school this week we have worked for the ministry of magic! First of all we have collected and built wands which must be between 15cm to 30cm in length. We then decorated them and weaved string around them to make a spell effect. We also braved the hail and rain to make shelters for boggart fairies using twigs, mini A frames and leaves.

Here are the Y2s doing their bit for the school and planet by litter picking in the school yard on a windy day. We made a tally chart of what types of litter we picked and wrote down observations from the data collected.

Here are the finished turtle art paintings. The children were totally engrossed and very creative!

The Gruffalos are in the process of painting their Green or leather neck turtles. We will be using both water colours and oil pastels to have a bold contrasting effect!

The Y2s very much enjoyed their PJ and art classwide reward party!

Here are the gruffalos doing forward rolls, the "Jack knife", arabesque, side rolls and "teddy bear" rolls! We have been so impressed with the children's confidence, focus and perseverance. Bravo you athletes!

Today we are using our tally charts on healthy eating to construct a bar graph.


Please use these links to build 2 bar graphs. If you have time, you can display the data in pie chart form also!:

Y2 celebrated Chinese New Year in style by scaring away evil spirits with our Walkley dragon and dancing with lucky red ribbons. Thank you so much Amy from Dazzle Dance!

Here are the Gruffalos in action balancing and bending their bodies into different shapes. Please ask your child about the pike, straddle, tuck, star, dish and reverse dish positions!

Well done to the Gruffalos for completing their course. I hope you are looking after your certificates! Here is an extra Starwars coding challenge for you to try and show to your adults!!

In coding this week we are creating our own stories using code. Let's have a go!:

Here are a few snaps of the children making bird feeders for the forest school as part of our "Nature Class wide reward party!" Great idea FG!