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Spring 1 Exploring the Rainforest



- Week 1 - 

This week, in English, we have started reading our brilliant new class book, The Explorer. We have been using our drama skills to act out the dramatic first chapter of the story - The Flight. You can re-listen to the author, Katherine Rundell, reading the first chapter of the book by clicking HERE.

We created a story map to help us retell the key events...

In Maths this week, we had a very special number of the day... 2023!!

We also saw a beautiful rainbow from our classroom window! 🌈

In Science, we have been learning about light sources. We sorted different objects and discussed some of the items commonly mistaken for light sources, such as the moon. We learnt that the moon reflects light from the sun! 💡🌞 

We also danced along to the BBC Supermovers Light and Shadows song. Click HERE to have a go at home!

- Week 2 - 

This term in Computing, we are looking at how to use digital media to create music. We started by evaluating different music genres and discussed how music is can be used in films and animations for dramatic effect and to help tell a story. We couldn't resist having a little dance along to some of the songs! 🎥🎶

This week, we have started our exciting new Geography topic, Exploring the Rainforest. We investigated where tropical rainforests are found and learnt about the importance of the Equator, the Tropic of Cancer and the Tropic of Capricorn. Of course, we also got our bodies moving to the Rainforest dance!

In Art, we have been exploring how an artist uses colour to create different moods and how complementary colours can be used. We practised creating different colours found in Frida Kahlo's artwork. 

- Week 3 - 

This week in Reading, we have been exploring the lyrics to the song 'World of Colour' from the musical 'Fantastically Great Women'.  After discussing the vocabulary in the lyrics and making comparisons between the lyrics and the book, we set off to the studio to perform!

We celebrated Lunar New Year as a school with an amazing Dazzle Dance session in the hall! 

- Week 4 - 

In Geography this week, we have been learning about the different layers of the rainforest: the emergent, the canopy, the understory and the forest floor. We made our own models in groups using coloured card and tissue paper. Find out more about the rainforest HERE.

In Art, we have been developing our painting skills. Last week, we learnt how to create a wash using watercolours and explored colour and mood. This week, we practised using finer brushes to create detail when painting. We will apply both skills when we create our final pieces inspired by the work of Mexican artist, Frida Kahlo. 

In PE, we have been learning all about Netball. We have learnt about the footwork rule and how to pivot, different styles of passing the ball, shooting and this week, how to defend. We have also enjoyed watching clips from the Netball Quad Series which has been taking place in South Africa and are proud supporters of the Vitality Roses team. 

Find out more about netball and follow the Roses here...

- Week 5 - 

In Computing this half term, we have been learning how to use the computer as a musician. We have experimented with musical loops using Chrome Music Maker and explored how changing the pitch and tempo of a piece can create different moods. We will be using these skills to create our own soundtracks for an animation. 🎵🎶

In Geography this week, we learnt about which animals live in each layer of the rainforest and how they have adapted to their habitat. Fun fact: Sloths only venture down from the canopy once a go to the toilet! 🦥

In Maths, we have been learning about arrays to show multiplication. 

- Week 6 - 

On Monday afternoon, we enjoyed watching the Borrowers perform in the music concert. We are looking forward to starting our violin lessons after the half term holiday!

In English, we are learning how to write descriptively. We analysed two chapters from our class book, The Explorer and created annotated illustrations of the different settings described. We will definitely be magpie-ing some of Katherine Rundell's fantastic vocabulary for our own rainforest descriptions! 

The Aslans and Borrowers joined together for an 'Explorers' trip to the forest school. We made dens to protect us in the Amazon Rainforest and role played the characters of The Explorer. We may have even met Frida Kahlo along the way!

RE outside!

The Aslans were able to enjoy our Religious Education session outdoors today, thanks to it being our Forest School week. We spent time looking at our environment, from that within reach, to the horizon, and everything in between.

From our vantage point we could see the city centre, the Don Valley and up past Hillsborough towards Wharncliffe Woods. Our focus was on the balance between the 'human made' and more natural features that we could see, thinking about our own impact on our world.

We had a great discussion about how people of different faiths, and no faith, respond to the natural world and how we should take care of it for the future.

Finally, we had the chance to take two minutes in silence; listening, reflecting, thinking about what we had been discussing.

In Art, we have created our fabulous Frida final pieces.